Thoughts for Election Day 2018

Failing to vote for Republicans in 2018 will be the equivalent of voting to remove Donald Trump from office. It’s as simple as that. This will give Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi the most unimaginable power trip in American history. Not only will they have defeated Trump. They will have reversed a presidential election single-handedly, simply because they disliked the outcome and were unwilling to wait until 2020. (From a Daily Dose of Reason column in April of this year.)

From my Facebook and Twitter posts today:

Pelosi says give her back Congress and there will be civility. Let’s review: Impeaching a President, taking guns from peaceful citizens, and forcing productive people to pay higher taxes while picking up the burden of a welfare state for millions of immigrants. Does she REALLY think she will encounter civility? She lives in a bubble filled with unaccountable socialists.

A vote for any Democrat tomorrow is a vote FOR Antifa thugs, FOR gun bans, FOR a weak defense, FOR more taxes, FOR mob rule.

Democrats want to turn America into what the immigrants flee. If you love immigrants, you will vote Republican.

Democrats want ZERO government at the border and UNLIMITED government socialism for everything else. Vote Republican.
When you skip voting it’s not rebellion — it’s surrender. A few people objected to this, saying that a refusal to vote is a refusal to pick your master (on the premise you disagree with most of what the government is doing). My reply: I agree that not voting can be a principled position when the two parties are essentially the same. But the Democratic Party has gone full Communist, full totalitarian in attitude and just about fully in stated policy. You cannot hold the pragmatic Republicans and the totalitarian Democrats as moral equivalents. If you doubt me, then find out what happens if Democrats manage to even get a little bit of power (the House) back tomorrow. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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