Looking for Another Reason NOT to Vote Democrat? Here It Is

New York Democrats want the police to monitor your social media posts before deciding whether or not you may buy a gun. They claim it will prevent tragedies like the recent Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

It’s a HORRIBLE idea.

Democrats seek to put THEIR police — trained in political correctness — in charge of reviewing your social media posts as to whether you may own a gun or not.

It’s actually what they’re proposing. Police will check out your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts before deciding if you may own a gun.

Nowhere in the 2nd Amendment is there a stipulation that the right to bear arms hinges on your ideas. Yet that’s where Democrats now want to take us.

It’s a one-two punch. It obliterates the First and Second Amendments at the same time. What objective standard will the police use when deciding which social media posts are acceptable for gun ownership, and which ones are not? Similar to the “standards” Facebook and Twitter use against nonleftists for blocking and shadow-banning? In Democratic leftist bastions like New York City, you can count on it!

For years, Democrats have used shaming and intimidation to silence dissenting voices. That’s why you will rarely find conservative speakers on college campuses any more. That’s why alternative news sources had to develop on their own, since the major networks and CNN abandoned objectivity long ago (assuming they ever had it).

Now Democrats want to take it to the next level: The police.

In New York City it will be easy. The police work for a Democratic administration in a state that will probably always have a Democratic governor. It’s a one-party state and the police will go by the standards of the party permanently in power.

It’s probably too late for places like New York City and California. They might as well be Communist countries. The rest of America still has hope, but only so long as we continue to weaken the totalitarian yearnings of those on the left.

Election Day 2018 is another important chance to do so. Don’t blow it, America.


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