Mitt Romney Thinks Our Lying Media Is Virtuous

Republican Senate candidate Mitt Romney penned a blog post Thursday criticizing President Trump for routinely labeling the so-called “fake news” media the “enemy of the people.”

Mr. Romney, in a post titled, “The Free Press, a Pillar of Democracy,” emphasized the “vital role played by professional news organizations” in an era when people are being constantly influenced by “propaganda from a campaign, from a political party, or even from a foreign adversary.”

Earth to soulless Romney: Being “professional” does not justify your existence or offer proof of your virtue. The Nazis and Communists were professional. Organized crime leaders are professional. As for a free press, yes, I suppose CNN and MSNBC are free to spew lies and toxic ideology. But the rest of us are free to challenge and call them on it.

Please go away, Mitt Romney. You are a true loser.


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