Behind Andrew Gillum’s Socialist Smile: Hatred

Andrew Gillum is an openly socialist Democrat running for governor of Florida. Gillum is black, and plays the race card whenever he can. If you don’t agree with massive tax increases, massive government regulation of everyday life and redistribution of wealth — you’re racist.

Incredibly, he may win the race for Governor of the normally bipartisan or red-blue split Florida.

Project Veritas Action Fund (PVA) released its seventh undercover video on the 2018 midterms Wednesday night, revealing a familiar theme in its investigation of Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum’s campaign.

“What we found in the Gillum campaign was just what we found in Missouri, Tennessee and Arizona — a candidate lying to the voters he needs to win the election,” said James O’Keefe, founder and president of PVA. The Florida campaign workers, like the ones in Missouri, Tennessee, and Arizona, also showed great contempt for their state and its voters.

Omar Smith, a campaign staffer who says he went to college with Gillum, told the PVA journalist that even though the candidate is a “crazy” progressive, he would not as governor be able to do everything he promised during the campaign because Florida is a “f*cked up-a$$ state — a cracker state.”

Surprise, surprise. Another Democrat who despises and sneers at the people he’s counting on to elect him. But it makes sense. To be a socialist, you despise people. You deny free will and you believe that left to themselves, people will end up moronic and helpless — and that only government can rescue them. So of course Gillum has hatred and loathing beneath the smiles. His contempt for everyone around him implies contempt for himself. People with self-respect and dignity don’t run these kinds of campaigns. Surely no politician is perfect, but must Florida elect someone so openly totalitarian and hateful in his attitudes?

We will know soon enough.


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