The Purpose of Politics: No More Politics!

The goal of limited government – at least for me – is NOT to have to talk about politics anymore.

The Bill of Rights and Constitution exist to protect us from too much government — not too little.

It’s the advocates of BIG, involved and expansive government who care the most about politics. Politics refers mainly to the intrigues, deceptions, dishonor and corruption of the people who run the government.

When a government goes beyond its proper boundaries, it runs aspects of people’s lives it should not be involved in. In our society, these include education, medical care, much of banking and large corporate enterprise. In totalitarian societies, government runs virtually everything. Democrats seek to take us toward that totalitarian society, as they seek to bring government control to EVERYTHING. It’s why they care so much about politics, elections, and always having one of their guys in control of the government.

The more involved a government becomes in the everyday lives of people, the more it matters who will run that government. Because, after all, the people in politics and government are the ones who will dominate most of what goes on in your daily life.

It’s no accident that career politicians are so corrupt. It’s not just bad luck or a curse we need to somehow shake off. It’s in the nature of career politicians to be corrupt. Why? Because they’re doing things they have no moral right to be doing, spending money that they never earned, could never earn, and that does not belong to them.

Advocates of big, expansive government – socialists, fascists, Democratic leftists, career politician Republicans, all of them – want society to be political. They want people engaged in political battles over what’s on television, who stands or kneels during the national anthem, what political positions rock musicians and actors take, and all the rest. The more political the society is, the more power and influence they enjoy.

The only proper political position in today’s climate is a specifically anti-political one—to get the government the hell out of our lives, other than the bare minimum required to protect us from violent criminals and fraud. Most of this can be done at the state and local level. We need a national government primarily to make sure we are physically safe from external threats from outsiders who wish to destroy our liberty.

You know a government has exceeded its boundaries when everything becomes politicized, as it has today. You also know a society has become too political when one or both of the major political parties are as much a threat to the well-being, safety and liberty of individual citizens as actual criminals. That’s where we are, particularly with the Democratic Party.

When our own politicians become our greatest enemy, something has gone terribly wrong. We have to look at ourselves. Something wrong and unhealthy leads us to keep putting them in those positions of power. We got ourselves into this mess, and only “we the people” will get us out.


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