Democrats, The Party of “No”…NO Prosperity, NO Liberty, NO Tolerance

All we hear is that when Democrats supposedly retake Congress in a few weeks, they’re going to impeach Donald Trump, impeach Brett Kavanaugh, and impeach anyone else they do not like.

We know Democrats are against Republicans. We know they don’t think Republicans should be permitted to eat in restaurants or ride in elevators without harassment.

But at some point, they have to say what they’re FOR.

What are Democrats for?

Democrats are for socialism. Socialism means nationalization of private property. To “nationalize” means for government to take ownership of private property. How much private property should be taken over by the government, and why? Should all of it be seized and declared property immediately? Or only certain people’s private property, and not others? If the latter, then why the discrimination? Will Democratic donors be permitted to keep their property, while opponents of the Democrats be forced to surrender theirs? We need answers, Democrats. If it’s socialism you intend to give us, you had better specify how and why.

Democrats are for tolerance of Islam. Islam says that Sharia Law overrides civil government. Democrats will appoint judges who equate Islamic Sharia law with American Constitutional law, in the name of multiculturalism and tolerance. Democrats are also for gay marriage. Gay marriage and Sharia Law could not be further apart. We know Democrats want to impeach Brett Kavanagh. But what kind of Supreme Court justices will they appoint, given their contradictory positions on Islam and gay marriage? And what about Islamic positions on abortion rights, and equal individual rights for women? On which side will Democrats fall: Tolerance of Islam, or the rights of women and gays?

Democrats are against cutting taxes and regulations. Yet we have seen, again and again, when the government does these two things, economic growth and productivity soar. When we do the opposite, as we did during the Obama years, the economy stagnates and declines. So how do they justify knowingly reversing the economic gains of the last several years when government policy has focused on cutting taxes and regulation?

Democrats want to curtail if not repeal the Second Amendment. Certainly their gun control policies would, in effect, end the Second Amendment. How do they justify this? How can they violate the Constitution while swearing to uphold it? How do they explain that jurisdictions with the strictest gun control laws are the ones with the worst crime — Chicago being a prime example? By what moral or legal right do Democrats strip innocent citizens of the right to defend themselves?

Democrats are against all things Republican. But at some point, they must say what they’re for — and DEFEND those positions. Otherwise, they’re just one long and sustained temper tantrum.

Are Democrats prepared to defend their positions in favor of high taxes, greater regulation, socialism and tolerance of Islamic Sharia law? Obviously not. Because if they were, they would be talking about these things rather than just impeaching President Trump and Brett Kavanaugh.

Democrats are the party of NO. Specifically, this means NO liberty, no private property, no tolerance, no civility and no freedom. No wonder they choose to focus on impeachment. If we shine light on what they’re actually FOR, it would make millions of Americans rush into the arms of President Trump and the Republicans.


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