Why Republicans Won This One

When you’re wrong, yet you’re confident, you will tend to win — at least when the other side is afraid of you.

That has generally been the case with Democrats — at least until the era of  Donald Trump.

In the recent Brett Kavanaugh episode, Democrats were clearly wrong. The best way to illustrate this? If a Democratic nominee had been charged with sexual assault or gang rape, without a shred of evidence or corroboration, the claim would have been laughed out of the Senate. Of course, Republicans would never have brought such a claim, but if they had, that would have been the result.

Democrats know they’re wrong. Their rage and hysteria over Brett Kavanaugh reveals an inner lack of serenity you find in people who are conflicted and who are, at the core, stamping their feet at objective reality.

But they still almost won. Why?

Because they tried for the moral high ground. They tried to suggest that anyone who didn’t agree with them is an advocate of sexual assault, gang rape or sexual abuse.

Left out of this claim, of course, was whether or not you can prove someone is guilty, or even hint at it, without any evidence of any kind, in a context where even the accuser admits she remembers virtually none of the details, and only has a vague feeling. Their argument was, in essence, “The charge is enough. This is the Supreme Court we’re talking about. The mere fact that a candidate for the Supreme Court is accused is enough.”

The only way to win against such a claim, even though it’s wrong? With backbone. By refusing to fall for it. By naming the underlying evasion, the inherent and outrageous intellectual dishonesty, and calling them on it.

That’s what Republicans like Lindsay Graham did with breathtaking eloquence. That’s what wavering Republican Susan Collins ultimately did, with a beautifully reasoned out argument. That’s what President Trump did when he spoke of the accuser’s total lack of evidence and corroboration. He took tremendous heat for it. He always does. No Republican President before him would ever have endured the heat. President Trump not only endures it; he truly does not care. He’s like a comic book action hero. He gets heat all the time, and he weathers it again, and again and again.

Rationality won here — by a hair, but it won. But the irrational side is more enraged than ever. The Democrats are like a stirred up poisonous snake, desperate to strike at its victim. Democrats and leftists are not going to stop. At some point, Republicans — and other Americans who still love America — will have to consider the harsh fact that Democrats are not on the side of truth, justice, individual rights, rule of law, the American Constitution — not anything but their own power.

The narrow Kavanaugh victory shows how you can defeat bad guys, even when they intimidate and when they’re wrong. Thanks to alternative media and a large number of Americans willing to fight back against toxic leftism, Democrats now have a real battle on their hands.


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