Why Democrats Keep Moving the Goal Post — on Kavanaugh, and Everything

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell unloads on Senate Democrats amid Kavanaugh probe: “Their goalposts keep shifting, but their goal hasn’t moved an inch”.

Of course he’s right.

And why wouldn’t Democrats do this? Because Republicans always, always comply.

Donald Trump is different. But President Trump is not really a Republican — thank goodness. Yet he can’t do the job of Congressional Republicans for them. And they continue to botch it on just about everything, other than the tax cut legislation.

Democrats in Congress and media are not honest. They are not rational. They are not decent. They’re actually amoral. They have no moral standards at all, other than “what works” in order to gain power for themselves. Power and authority are all they care about. Money and votes are the perks, but power and authority drive everything. A close second is the approval of their peers, which is why you see the constant virtue-signaling.

Leftism is an authoritarian ideology progressively moving toward its only possible conclusion: totalitarianism. We will be a totalitarian country when and if the First and Second Amendments are gone. They may always exist nominally — but when they’re gone in practice, America is done. America is not done yet, but our only firewall is President Donald Trump and these same old hapless Republicans. With a Democratic majority on the Supreme Court, you can kiss the First and Second Amendments good-bye.

Nothing is inevitable. We don’t have to become totalitarian. But we need something other than what conventional Republicans like tired old Mitch McConnell have to offer. I don’t know if we will ever get it. If we don’t, then Congress will go back to the Democrats. And that will be a very, very bad thing. America will not survive another Democratic Congress paired with a Democratic president. It will be the end.

With Brett Kavanaugh, as with nearly everything else, Democrats set the terms and the agenda. They move the goal posts. Republicans complain, but move right along with those moved goal posts. Why? Because Democrats dominate the culture, the media, academia, entertainment, Internet, social media and government. Even in the era of Trump, Democrats and leftists dominate everything. They ARE the culture. They might not be all of the people — obviously, they are not. But they are the culture. And Republicans are afraid of that culture. They desperately want to be liked. It happens to virtually everyone who moves to Washington DC, especially those who stay for decades on end, like Mitch McConnell and his ineffective cohorts.

That’s why Republicans keep losing. Even when they win, they lose. All it takes to defeat Democrats is to stand up to them. But standing up to them means naming and accepting what they really, truly are: Bad people with a bad ideology that will lead to nothing but despotism and despair, the very things our Constitution was created to prevent.

A lot of people are not yet ready to hear or say what I just wrote. But many sense it’s true. Once the people on the side of the Constitution are ready to say so aloud, that Democrats in media, culture and government really are America’s greatest enemy, we will perhaps have a fighting chance.


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