A House Divided Cannot Stand: America is Broken

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

People can disagree and still get along.

But they must agree on certain fundamental principles. When they stop agreeing on those fundamental principles, it’s over.

Consider the state of our government.

It’s no longer a difference of how high or low taxes should be. It’s whether our system should be one of capitalism or socialism. It’s whether all property should be privately owned, or owned by the government. It’s not a reconcilable difference.

It’s no longer a difference of how much we should spend on the military. It’s whose side the military should take. Democrats are on the side of our open enemies — Iran being the most notorious example. Republicans are on the side of our friends — Israel being the best example. When you start taking sides with your country’s mortal enemies, it’s not a reconcilable difference.

It’s no longer an issue of how to interpret the Constitution. It’s the Constitution itself. Democrats say there is no right to “hate speech”, defined as any speech Democrats do not like. The First Amendment says otherwise. Democrats say there is no right to own weapons of self-protection, even if you’re not a criminal. The Second Amendment, which many Democrats openly call for repealing, says otherwise.

There’s no reconciling opposition to the First and Second Amendments with support for them. They’re the most important part of the Bill of Rights, and they’re the most important part of the Constitution. If you don’t support them, you don’t support the Constitution.

It’s beyond the spectacle of the Brett Kavanaugh fiasco. It goes way beyond that. The Constitution is our “house”. One party supports it and one party — in all its language, ideas and actions — now stands against it. It’s not sustainable. We have two countries. Somebody has to say it, because on some level many of us already know it’s true.

It’s not just Brett Kavanaugh. It’s the idea that only leftist positions are valid. Obama’s former secretary of state has more validity than the present one. The former CIA director counts, but not the present one. President Trump’s actions are morally — and therefore legally — null and void. Republicans have no rights, not even to enter a restaurant or attend a peaceful political rally, without harassment and violence. And forget college campuses.

This isn’t a republic. It’s not even a democracy. It’s the start of a dictatorship — or a civil war. I honestly don’t know which. But I do know: It can’t go on like this.


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