The Attack on Brett Kavanaugh is an Attack on the Constitution

What a load of CRAP. I’m talking about the sexual abuse allegations (from 1982) against Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

It has nothing to do with suitability for the Court. It has nothing to do with sexual harassment.

It’s part of an unrelenting war by leftists/Democrats against the Constitutional process. Elections don’t matter. The rights of people do not matter. All that matters is the power of Democrats.

The new precedent: If a Republican President wishes to appoint a Supreme Court justice, he cannot do so. That justice will be accused of sexual harassment or racism. No evidence will be offered or required. It’s not about evidence. It’s about shaming people who disagree.

Republicans and President Trump should totally dismiss all of this as arbitrary crap, because that’s all it is. By not doing so, they’re falling into a trap. Leftists and Democrats in Congress are not good people, and they are not honest people.

I am sick of this, and I know I’m not alone. This continual attack on the Constitutional process by authoritarian, irrational Democrats is not sustainable.


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