Bullies Jill and Joe Biden Call Trump Supporters “Bullies”

At yesterday’s “Human Rights” Campaign dinner, Dr. Jill Biden and Joe Biden, among other things, called Trump supporters the “dregs of society”. Jill Biden also called President Trump a “bully”.

Excuse me?

I thought bullying consisted of forcing people to participate in government-run health insurance.

I thought bullying consisted of telling producers and wealth creators, “You didn’t build that” — and sneering that it all belongs to the government.

I thought bullying consisted of lecturing Americans on a daily basis on how we’re not special, our system of liberty and freedom works no better than any old dictatorship, and who are we to think we’re anything.

I thought bullying consisted of threatening to fine or jail citizens who criticize Islam or question global warming theory, as Obama’s Attorney General did in his second term.

I thought bullying consisted of telling Americans to report on citizens who criticize Obamacare with a special White House email address.

I thought bullying consisted of strangling Americans with higher and higher taxes, and more and more regulations, policies President Trump has actually tried to reverse.

These, and many, many other things happened on the Bidens’ watch, because they were an enthusiastic part of the Obama White House. THESE are the things THEY have to answer for; not the other way around.

Calling dissenters and supporters of what remains of American freedom “bullies” represents the mentality of — well, bullies. Dr. Jill and Joe Biden are smiling bullies. Watch out for them, America. Like the Obamas, they’re quite sinister behind all that smiling.


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