It Takes an Idiot to Destroy a Civilization

Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, expected to join Congress this fall, is sad. One of her favorite restaurants in New York City is closing down.

It’s a sign we need more socialism, she says.

But that’s not what the closing restaurant’s owner says. The owner says it’s the increase in the government-mandated minimum wage causing the shutdown. Being forced to pay workers more, combined with escalating rents in New York City, has shut them down.

Now you can understand why socialists ultimately demand control of the media, too. Because facts get in the way of their economic theories. Their theories fail every time they’re tried, precisely the degree to which they’re tried.

It’s hard to sell something that’s such a miserable failure, even on its own terms. That’s why you have to get people to shut up.

The intellectuals are on the side of socialism in every era, including our own. In our society, “the intellectuals” consist of the articulate people who dominate media, academia and entertainment.

Intellectuals are not always right. But they are supposed to be smart. Yet it’s profoundly stupid to support something like socialism. Socialism destroys the wealth it plans to redistribute. Socialists assume they can moralize and shame people into giving up the wealth and prosperity they’ve created — and that they will go on creating it.

In a world where socialism has failed so spectacularly on an international scale, again and again — China, Russia, Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela — it takes an idiot to even consider such a social-political system as a possibility.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is just such an idiot. And so are the people who support her, and her party. Perhaps it’s not nice to say so. But it’s true. And somebody has to stop America — especially the 20-somethings with the most to lose, and the most likely to support these idiots — before we become the wasteland that socialist countries always become.


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