How Has “Lock Her Up!” Turned into Manafort and Cohen?

“With Hillary Clinton, we said ‘Lock Her Up!’ We’re not even investigating her, yet Democrats are locking up Trump associates for real.”

Stated by a caller on Breitbart radio this morning. And it’s exactly right.

Why are Trump associates being convicted and locked up for crimes they may or may not have committed — crimes for which their Democratic counterparts in the Swamp would never be investigated?

Why have calls to lock Hillary Clinton up turned into a reality of locking up Trump attorneys and campaign managers, merely because they were his attorneys and campaign managers?

Where will it stop? At President Trump himself? How and why is this happening? When will it stop?

There’s no rule of law in America anymore. It has been slipping for a long time, but it’s really gone. If this does not stop and reverse, America will in effect be a one-party system. That’s no different from a Communist, National Socialist (Nazi) or any other kind of totalitarian regime. We’re on the verge of being one in practice, because while we go through the motions of the rule of law, the reality remains: Democrats are held accountable for absolutely nothing, while Republicans alone are held accountable whether they’re guilty of something, or not.

This is not what our Founders had in mind. The country that created the Constitution and later overcame slavery and Jim Crow laws has come to this. Americans had better wake up soon. Nobody is coming to rescue us. We have to rescue ourselves from the criminal people who now dominate our mob-like legal system. Otherwise, the Republic we were given will be totally lost.

And few will like what replaces it.


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