Why I’m Happy Not to Be a Democrat

I like being not-a-leftist Democrat. Actually, I feel kind of sorry for Democrats. Why?

They don’t get the exhilaration of critical thinking.

They’ve been exposed only to one point-of-view. Whether from government schools, or from musicians, sports networks, sports players, politically correct corporations or anything else that touches their lives, it’s all ONE way of thinking.

They haven’t had the experience of hearing both sides. Or multiple sides. They haven’t had the joy of checking their premises, as Ayn Rand would say. An example of checking your premise is examining sacred but not necessarily true beliefs such as, “It’s government’s job to run the economy and relieve all suffering.” Or: “I am my brother’s keeper, and I’ve got to make sure others know I believe this.” Or: “Gender is fluid, even if that makes no sense, gender is fluid.”

Democrats are in a constant state of fear. The worst ones act the fear out, as we see with Maxine Waters and Antifa. They literally cannot handle the fear they’re living with, which is why they call for violence against anyone who disagrees with them. The fear is a psychologically inevitable human response to the constant pressure coming from one’s subconscious mind that says, “It’s intolerable that I’m wrong. I can’t let in anything that suggests I might be wrong. It would bring down everything.”

When you see people like Antifa thugs and Maxine Waters, you’re looking at mean, rotten and bad people. But you’re also looking at people who are miserable and suffering. And they deserve every bit of it.

People with non-left points of view have seen mental suffering and emotional disorder on parade since Donald Trump became elected. Donald Trump is a constant reminder to leftist Democrats that not everyone agrees with them, and that some who disagree with them actually have confidence, and are not intimidated by them. From the point-of-view of someone who’s perpetually afraid, and therefore angry, it’s an awful way to live. Yes, you can just ignore politics, but politics (thanks to leftists) is now part of culture — sports, music, education, the arts, television, movies, and politics is EVERYWHERE. And you cannot live in a technology-driven society and ignore culture.

Conservatives, libertarians and others who endured eight years of Obama’s presidency learned how to cope. We could watch the news selectively or even go underground and find alternate news sources. We knew, all along, there are different ways of thinking. Might the country go down? It could. Back then that was true, and that’s true now too. But at least there’s a different way of approaching government, economics, rights and even life itself. All is not lost until it’s over.

For Democrats, it’s different. It’s maddening and intolerable to most of them that others don’t share their views. They’re like militant Muslims in this respect. Infidels in their midst quite literally make them crazy. They cannot escape the reminders. They’re not about minding their own business. They’re interfering, by nature, or at least by programming. They view it as being a social justice warrior, or a “progressive”. But it’s really the warrior part they tap into, which is why they’re always in such a rage. It might manifest as spitting on or throwing rocks at peaceful supporters at a Donald Trump rally, or it might mean personally attacking people on Facebook or Twitter who don’t share their views, or it might mean supporting a ludicrous campaign against using straws. They don’t know what to do. These are not the actions or mentalities of stable people. Oppose them with all your might, but also feel a little sorry for them.

Non-Democrats have been exposed to a relentless display of indoctrination from the leftists who dominate our culture. I heard a great analogy recently. Imagine a room full of people. Maybe 20 percent are hardened leftists. The rest are something else, or perhaps uncertain. That’s our society. There’s actually a diversity of opinions out there. Many are uncertain. Some are truly moderate, at least in the sense of wanting to utilize critical thinking to form conclusions. But the microphone in the room is almost totally controlled by the loud-mouthed, bullying and often polished people of the indoctrinated point-of-view.

With all the dependence on social media these days for getting all points-of-view out there, it’s more than a little frightening. Social media companies are run by these same indoctrinated, loud-mouthed pricks who dominate the room with the microphone, even though the majority might reside somewhere else, intellectually and politically.

If America stays true with its history, the free market and the First Amendment will carry us through. People who value critical thinking will go elsewhere, diminishing the profits of these profit-hating socialists like Facebook and Twitter, and perhaps even shutting them down via market forces. Time will tell.

Regardless, even if they manage to win and somehow destroy America in the end, I still won’t ever envy Democrats. Being filled with hatred and anxiety betrays the unmasking of a soul riddled with self-doubt. Their sneers and their intimidation have to be fought with greater and superior force, to be sure. But not so deep down, they’re as weak as can be.

That’s what the rest of us must learn to understand. It will help us defeat them.


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