Telling the Truth is “Censorship” According to Lying CNN

CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers recently accused President Donald Trump of censorship. Like others at her network, it’s based on Trump’s dislike of her network.

Earth to Powers: When you tell lies about people, or (worse still) only report half-truths, the people you lie about are going to criticize you.

The problem is that CNN and the rest of the lying media are used to milquetoasts — like George W. Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney and all the rest. These hacks are all liars themselves, pretending to be conservative or libertarian-leaning while doing precisely the opposite once in office, at least on most issues. Yet these liars also appeased the media every chance they got. “Please like me. Please like me. Please like me,” was the unspoken premise behind everything these lying politicians did and still do.

Finally the Republicans have a sitting President who holds the media accountable for what it has ALWAYS done — lie about Republicans.

Kirsten Powers calls this “censorship”. Does she even know what censorship is? Criticizing people who lie about you is not censorship. Using government force to shut down or silence critics IS censorship. Is that what President Trump is doing? Where’s the evidence? None is given, because it’s not there.

When President Obama was in office, he used government force to take over the Internet, treating it as a publicly run utility. How would critics of Democrats such as Breitbart and Fox News ultimately have fared under such a government-run system? It’s not hard to imagine. Thankfully, President Trump reversed that policy. It’s probably one more reason Kirsten Powers and others at CNN hate him so much.

Powers also calls taking away the security clearances of people who disagree with President Trump “censorship”. This statement implies that individual citizens have a moral, political and Constitutional right to a security clearance. Seriously? I cannot find that in the Constitution. The President is in charge of the executive branch, including the nation’s security apparatus.

If she finds Constitutional threats in the existence of that security system, or the laws and rules governing it, then she’s free to argue for changing them. But somebody has to be in charge of it all. Otherwise, it’s chaos. It’s not censorship for a sitting President facing daily attacks and even threats by a previous administration’s CIA director to take that former government official to task. Imagine if former President George W. Bush’s CIA director had called Barack Obama a threat to the United States and a traitor to American interests, which he actually was. The hellfire and damnation emanating from CNN would have known no limit.

I am sick of lying leftists and their sanctimonious complaints about censorship. Freedom of speech was under more danger with Obama and the Democrats in charge of the executive branch than now, when the remaining “Deep State” totalitarians at least have some pushback from President Trump. Liars and sociopaths cannot stand pushback. That’s the reason they SO despise President Trump. He pushes back against them like never before, and they’ve never seen anything like it.

Millions of us are backing him in pushing even harder.


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