Democrats and Putin: How Are They Different?

When I look at Vladimir Putin, I see a fascist dictator. It’s not headline news. Most of the world’s politicians are. When you tell me that Russia tried to influence the outcome of an American election, I’m not surprised. Why should any of us be? Haven’t we always assumed so? That’s what dictatorships do.

Here’s the problem. The Democratic Party leaders are the ones we’re supposed to believe. They have woven a conspiracy theory about Donald Trump colluding with Russia more elaborate and arbitrary than anything a paranoid schizophrenic would ever manage to conceive.

But the Democratic Party is a party of dictators. The Obama years convinced me of that. Like Putin, they care little or nothing for individual rights, separation of economics and state, or separation of ideology and state. Why on earth should we believe what one set of dictators has to say about another dictator? Particularly when the Democratic Party dictators were more than happy to cozy up to Putin, as Hillary Clinton did when she sold uranium to the Russians, until it became convenient to turn him into an enemy.

Putin and the Russians have been manipulative dictators all along. Tell us something new, Democrats.

Instead of making things up to implicate President Trump in a scandal for which your own hired hacks have yet to find any evidence, try making a better case for your positions. Try winning more elections. Convince Americans that an economy growing at 1-2 percent is better than an economy growing at 3-4 percent (hopefully higher, ultimately). Convince Americans that totally socialized medicine run out of D.C. will be even better than the partially socialized system Obama and the Democrats gave us. Convince Americans that higher taxes for all are better than lower taxes for all, and that the government which governs most governs the best.

Convince Americans that your Putin-like policies of petty tyranny, social control and economic control are in alignment with our Constitution and Bill of Rights — rather than diametrically opposed to them, which your polices most definitely are.

Democrats: Vladimir Putin should be your friend. He imposes the kind of authoritarianism on Russia that you yearn to impose on America, even more than you already do.

Donald Trump got in the way of your lust for power. It’s as simple as that. Admit it. You’re embarrassing yourselves.

Watching the Democrats shriek about Putin is like watching Communists complain about Nazis. In what universe does one set of totalitarian creeps have any business complaining about the other? Politically their views lead us to the same place. Morally, their status is the same.

Putin, Democrats … they’re exactly the same. I won’t believe one any more than the other. If you’re a remotely thinking person, neither should you.


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