How in the World Do You Compare Illegal Immigration with Nazi Germany?!

Is it just me — or has the world gone totally crazy? Rest assured: I know it’s not me.

I’m trying to wrap my mind around the claim that it’s like Nazism to turn people away from illegally entering a country at the border.

Nazism refers to rounding up peaceful people and herding them into disgusting camps of death and torture. It’s hard to imagine anything worse than that.

How is detaining or working to turn away people from illegally entering a country remotely the same thing?

In one case, with the victims of Nazism, we have people minding their own business and doing nothing of harm to anyone. They are not stealing, killing, raping or defrauding. They’re not even accused of doing so. Their only offense is political incorrectness in the eyes of the government — based on race, religion, or political disagreement with the government.

In the case of Nazism or fascism, the government is initiating force against people in a horrific and entirely unjustified way.

How is sending people away at the border even remotely the same thing? The people trying to enter the country illegally know they’re doing so. They know the consequences. If they don’t know, they should, but they almost certainly do. They’re taking their chances as free agents.

And what about the people who go through the system and enter the country legally? Where is the compassion and justice for them? If the people who enter the country illegally have unconditional and unlimited rights to do so, then why did these other people — millions of them, many of whom endured separations from their families and other difficulties — go to all the trouble they did?

Claiming that immigration policies and borders are — on principle — the equivalent of Nazism is an incredibly brazen, irrational, and downright insane interpretation.

It ignores the crucial difference between people acting of their own free will, in the case of illegally entering immigrants, and people rounded up when they haven’t done anything at all other than mind their own business and lives.

The people screaming that President Trump is a Nazi for trying to enforce immigration laws previously supported by Obama want everyone to have immediate and unconditional access to the full array of always expanding freebies provided by our federal government. But those freebies come at the expense of people forced to pay taxes for those services. Where are their rights in this matter? And why are their rights never mentioned?

It’s a cruel and inhumane injustice to those who suffered under the Nazis to compare anything going on with the Trump administration to the incomprehensible brutality and evil of Hitler’s regime.

It’s a comparison of convenience designed to rile up an unthinking population instead of debating the real issues at hand, such as how to handle the massive influx of people who wish to enter the United States; and what to do about our impossible entitlement/welfare state, without which immigration would not be nearly the issue it has become.


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