Dear Democrats/Progressives:

Dear Democrats/Progressives:

I see the signs at your protests:

“What’s Next? Concentration Camps … Oh, wait”

“I Care. Do you?”

“Love, Not Trump”

And all the rest.

What are you really angry at, Democrats? It can’t be just Donald Trump. You were poised to hate any Republican who defeated Hillary Clinton. I remember how you hated Ronald Reagan (if you were alive then). And you likewise hated the hapless George Bushes and Mitt Romneys, who sided with you more than against you, including on immigration.

So what do you really hate, Democrats? And why do you hate it?

It can’t be President Trump’s enforcement of immigration laws. These same laws were enforced by President Obama. The only difference is that it wasn’t headline news on the news networks you watch. Now it is, and now you’re suddenly enraged.

It can’t be President Trump’s refusal to immediately disband ICE and unconditionally open the borders. President Obama never did this, never proposed doing so and probably never would have done so. Hillary Clinton did not propose these steps in her campaign, although she did promise to let any and all Muslims unconditionally enter the country, just as they’re doing in Germany and elsewhere in Europe (and see how well it’s working out).

So what is it you hate so much, Democrats and progressives? What animates your desire to even shred the Constitution, if that’s what it takes, to get rid of Donald Trump?

And if Donald Trump disappeared tomorrow, what about the half or so of the country who supports him? Even if they support him reluctantly, they will never ever support your kind of leaders. So what do you plan to do with them? The Constitution was designed to make room for, and attempt to arbitrate, differences. From what you’re saying, there’s no room for difference. “Not my President”. This means more than your refusal to support him. It means your refusal to support the moral — and perhaps even legal — legitimacy of anyone you dislike who wins. What if the millions on the other side take the same position? What if they had done so when Obama was President? What would this mean for you?

Democrats and progressives, you are coming across as tyrants and totalitarians at heart. You seem to be all of the very things you accuse Donald Trump of being. How can you detest these qualities you claim are in him, while showing no remorse or concern for these same qualities in yourselves? Look in the mirror. Or better yet — simply look at Maxine Waters.

It’s time for self-reflection, Democrats and progressives. Don’t do it for people like me. You hate people like me, and that’s fine. But you should do it for yourselves. Because on your current course, you’re going to implode with rage, and you’re going to ensure victories for the very candidates you so disparage, because you have so fully and unabashedly given up any pretense at reason.

Show confidence and respect for your positions by selling them, instead of screaming, shaming and moralizing about them. Spend your time rationally defending your views. Explain why people should want and will benefit from higher taxes, more government regulations, and even government nationalization of entire industries to be run by an elite, connected group of politicians and bureaucrats. Demonstrate why we should want the federal government to do for the rest of our society what it has already done for education and health care — and why that’s a good thing. Justify, prove and persuade. Stop calling names and stop spewing hatred in the name of love.

It’s clear you do not love those who disagree with you on anything, progressives. And rest assured, we do not love you back.


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