Marxism Turning California into a 21st Century Ghost Town

“Bay Area exodus? Nearly 50 percent of Californians say they want to move out soon, poll finds”, states a headline.

A whopping 46 percent of California Bay Area residents fed up with the region’s high cost of living and soaring home prices are planning to pack their bags and move out in the next few years, a poll has found.

The poll, conducted by the Bay Area Council, which describes itself as a business-sponsored, public policy advocacy organization, also found that homelessness and heavy traffic are among the things that most irk residents who live there.

“This is the trend we’ve been observing. Two years ago, it was 34 percent and last year it was 40,” the group’s president, Jim Wunderman, told KTVU about the increasing amount of those polled indicating that they want to get out.

The majority of the 1,000 polled said they have lived in the region for more than 20 years and increasingly believe that life in the Bay Area is heading in the wrong direction, despite mixed feelings about its economy.

How can it be? California is the place where everyone wants to live, right?

California is a one-party, increasingly Marxist state. “Marxism” refers to progressivism. It’s the extreme, consistent version of the idea that an individual’s life belongs to the state. This starts with all of one’s earnings.

The more you wallop the private sector with high taxes, impossible-to-follow and inherently unjust regulations and all the rest of the policies based ultimately on Marxism, the more the middle class declines.

The more the middle class declines, the more you hear the complaints now coming out of California: It’s too expensive to live there.

Progressivism also makes victims out of people who are usually not victims, people such as the homeless and criminals. They open the borders to people so they can immediately hook them on welfare, public health and public education. They don’t want immigrants to be self-responsible. They want them to be parasites so they will have more voting blocs. It’s working, on an electoral level in California. But how well is it working for California in reality?

Wealthy people can shield themselves against the homeless and criminals. They can hire private, armed bodyguards while attending benefits making it impossible for middle income people to buy their own guns. They can afford high taxes, because they earn so much they hardly notice the tax hikes.

The same isn’t the case for the middle class.

Wealthy people can afford to ignore the homeless from their limos while en route to an environmentalist fundraiser.

The middle class cannot.

So of course the middle class is deserting California in droves. It’s for the same reason the middle class would desert Marxist Venezuela or North Korea — assuming those places ever had a middle class.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with being rich. I’m not bashing California rich people because they’re wealthy. I’m bashing them because in their wealth, they have become indifferent to the toxic and destructive effects that Marxist beliefs have on real people who have not yet attained wealth, or may never have it.

These rich California socialists have become the villains of their Marxist narratives, exploiting and driving down the little guys so they get to feel morally superior by supporting high taxes and jobs-destroying regulations.

Marxism erodes and ultimately destroys the middle class. If you don’t believe me, then just look at California.

It just goes to show how in the end, it’s always reality that has the last laugh.


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