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Rob Arlett and Dr. Michael Hurd are back at it, sipping on a glass of Trump sparkling wine and discussing the issues of our day …


Running as Republican in a One-Party State

Rob Arlett has been busy lately. His latest venture? Running for the U.S. Senate seat in Delaware! He and Dr. Hurd talk about penetrating Democratic territory in a hard-core one-party state (not unlike California), and his prior success when running Donald Trump’s campaign in getting record numbers of Republicans and Independents to turn out and vote. They also discuss the surprising reversal of Delaware’s Democratic Governor on Regulation 225, a rule requiring parents of public school students to accept the transgender designations of their five-year-old or eight-year-old children. It shows one-party rule doesn’t always carry the day when people speak out and protest.


The Leftists’ Favorite Buzzword: Racist !!

How many times have YOU been called a racist for not endorsing leftist, socialist, politically correct orthodoxy? Dr. Hurd and Rob Arlett discuss the underlying psychological and other reasons behind the absurdly stretched use of the now almost meaningless term.


Roseanne Barr and the Leftist Double-Standard

It’s just another example of what we talked about last fall on this podcast: Hollywood Supremacists. Samantha Bee — who said something far more offensive about women than Roseanne’s comment about black people — gets a free pass, and it’s almost like a SNEER and a JEER at the world: “Hey, look at us. We say whatever we want. But Roseanne? She supports Trump. One false move, and she’s out.” Our cultural and corporate world is still run by frightened and intellectually vapid conformists who think and act in lockstep, sometimes with lightning speed. We saw this with the immediate cancellation of Roseanne. It’s chilling to think that the nitwits are in charge of everything.




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