Roseanne, Trump: Leftists, You Brought Them on Yourselves

Chickens eventually come home to roost, as the old saying goes.

And that’s exactly what happened with leftism’s takeover of America.

Leftists, for decades you endeavored — with smugness and coercion — to remake America into the socialist, corporate-leftist dream you ultimately reached in the era of Obama. In the name of tolerance, you created the most intolerant political and social climate seen in America since the eras of slavery and Jim Crow. But eventually the people you smothered with pretense had to rebel against your smugness and coercion.

Trump and Roseanne are what you got. And I simply LOVE it.

Example: “Anti-Trump Graffiti Surfaces in Alabama — Local Police Warn ‘Can Be Considered a Hate Crime’” says a headline.

Should anti-Trump Grafitti be prosecuted as a hate crime? Of course not. But neither should anti-Obama or anti-Hillary grafitti. No hateful speech should be a crime, unless it’s done on someone’s private property without their consent. And it’s a property violation, not a “hate crime”. Only crimes should be crimes — not hatred.

Leftists maintain (implicitly, and almost explicitly) that to hold their political and social points-of-view is automatically and always loving; and to take different positions, for any reason, is automatically and always hateful. So naturally it’s a crime to disagree with them, and an act of love to agree with them.

But under the law, you can’t have it both ways. If you try, it will eventually come back to bite you. If “hate” — rather than actions — is to be a crime, you’ve set it up that government authorities will define hatred for us. They’re already doing that in Great Britain, where even breathing a word of criticism or dissension against Islam will land you in jail. That’s the road America was headed on, at least under Obama, and it would have decisively continued had Hillary Clinton been elected.

So leftists have to decide: Do you want hate crimes, or not? And if hatred of your heroes is to be illegal, then hatred of the people you hate — like Donald Trump — has to be illegal too. If you don’t like it, then do what rationality and our Constitution requires: get rid of hate crimes laws!

Example # 2:

Roseanne Barr made it clear on Wednesday she’s considering fighting ABC’s move to cancel her revival after her racist tweet — and the comic even pushed an accusation that former first lady Michelle Obama was behind her ouster.

On Wednesday, Barr revealed that the positive feedback she was getting from people who still support her was making her feel emboldened to combat ABC in some way.

“You guys make me feel like fighting back. I will examine all of my options carefully and get back to U,” she wrote.

Does a private broadcasting company have a right to hire and fire whomever it pleases, even if those reasons are political? So long as they have not breached a freely-entered-into contract, of course? In a free and rational society, yes. According to the limits of government and rights to private property specified by America’s Constitution — absolutely.

But leftists want that right for themselves without granting it to others. Leftists would shriek with outrage and send in the lawyers if a major company fired a popular entertainer for supporting Hillary Clinton or the Democratic Party. Leftists are also the ones who want trial lawyers to be able to sue people for just about any reason imaginable, making trial lawyers rich and thereby enabling them to be Democratic donors for generations on end.

But if you’re going to support lawsuits in favor of leftist positions, causes and interests, if you’re rational, consistent and principled, you have to support them in the opposite direction too.

So here’s hoping that someday Americans wake up and we become a rational society, where private property, individual rights, free enterprise, First Amendment rights and freedom of association are upheld equally for all. And not just for leftists.

But in the meantime, I can’t help but enjoy the justice of seeing the leftists get back exactly what they created — turned on themselves.


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