Hillary Clinton: The Poster Child for “Victim Think”

What is wrong with Hillary Clinton?

For one thing, she’s still not over her election loss. It has been nearly 2 years. Did George McGovern, Michael Dukakis, George H.W. Bush or even Jimmy Carter spend this much time publicly processing their feelings over their presidential election losses? Hillary, you need help!

Hillary Clinton’s comments today reveal she’s the poster child for what I call “victim think”.

Hillary Clinton said on Monday in New Zealand that former First Lady Michelle Obama was “so right” over the weekend when she blasted women for not electing Clinton and said female politicians are held to a higher standard than men.

“The more professionally successful we are, the less people like us,” Clinton said. “Historically, people like me when I’m serving a supporting role… But the minute a woman, at least in our country, stands up and says ‘I’d like a chance to lead’… everything changes.”

Seriously, Hillary? In one fell swoop, you insult and blame others for your failure to win the election. It’s not like you hadn’t spent your whole life plotting and planning for it. And if Donald Trump is even one-tenth as stupid and evil as you claim he is, then he should have been easy to defeat.

So why blame women?

Hillary Clinton is a manipulative and psychologically abusive woman. Like her party, she relies on shaming and scolding to motivate people. She never made a case for why she should be President compelling enough to get elected. Now, two years later, she relies on “shaming and blaming” accusations in hopes it will intimidate women into voting Democratic next time (possibly for her).

Somebody needs to explain to Hillary Clinton that you don’t win anything of value by insulting the people you’re counting on to get you there.

It’s preposterous for Hillary Clinton to suggest she lost because a majority of people can only handle a woman in a secondary role. If that were the case, she never would have been a U.S. Senator, a Secretary of State or the nominee of her political party for President.

The reason she lost is because she performed badly at all of those things.

As a Senator she distinguished herself for nothing. As a Secretary of State, she gave us Benghazi. And as nominee of her party, she exhibited shocking overconfidence. Certain of victory, she picked her Cabinet and stayed home from campaigning while Donald Trump worked overtime to secure his victory in states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio.

Give me the American equivalent of a Margaret Thatcher, and I’d rush to vote for her. Yet there’s no remote chance I’d ever vote for Hillary Clinton. It has nothing to do with gender, Hill.

In Hillary’s world, gender is all-determining. Nothing else but sexism could explain the loss of the first female who ran for the presidency on a major party ticket.

Hillary was — and remains — the perfect representative of her party. Her party is based on resentful bitterness, envy, hostility toward success and — above all — a celebration of one’s unearned victimhood.

Democrats are the party of people who will not take responsibility for error and never admit they’re wrong. That’s Hillary.

The Democratic Party deserves this hostile, nasty shrew. But America didn’t. And that’s why we didn’t get her.

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