What Are Democrats “Resisting” With President Trump?

The Clintons are reportedly back in business, seeking to exploit the anti-Trump “resistance”. They keep calling it “resistance”. But resistance to what?

To resist implies throwing off the chains. It means to stop someone from doing something to you.

Republicans and the Trump administration are not doing anything to anybody. They are merely lifting some of the chains off our economy. They have reduced taxes and are loosening up on regulation. They are easing up the grip of Obamacare, although they failed to repeal it. They are backing away from intrusive, unwarranted and totally unjust things like “climate change” agreements and “deals” with totalitarian Iran, policies deliberately designed to destroy the American economy and even America itself.

While it’s possible to disagree with any or all of President Trump’s policies, exactly what is he imposing on people that they feel a need to “resist”? The Democrats are the ones who impose arbitrary regulations on business, contradictory laws on corporations, socialized medicine, speech codes against criticism of Islam, government ownership of the Internet and all the rest. Democrats force people who don’t believe in abortion to pay for other peoples’ abortions. They are the ones seeking to take away guns of self-protection from law-abiding citizens. Those are all polices warranting resistance. President Trump is merely relaxing a few of them — and it makes “liberals” insane with rage.

I know why Democrats feel a need to resist. At the core, they are emotionalists and psychological subjectivists. This means that to them, feeling and emotion are identical to objective truth. It hurts their feelings and offends their fragile sense of moral superiority to be reminded, on a daily basis, of the fact that others disagree with them on most issues — profoundly so, in fact.

Yes, psychological subjectivism is a kind of mental illness. It’s certainly a mental malady. So long as you treat your feelings and beliefs as equivalent to facts, you will feel violently oppressed when others dare to oppose your view of life and existence, including but not limited to politics and government.

Democrats feel a need to resist Donald Trump and his policies, even though none of those policies impose anything new or additional on the liberty of individual citizens of the United States. They scream for rebellion and even civil war, yet what are they rebelling against? The real answer is their own psyches. They cannot and will not tolerate dissension, because dissension reminds them — well, that they could be wrong.

If you want to see what real resistance looks like, wait until Nancy Pelosi takes control of Congress and, according to her fantasy, her party removes Donald Trump from the White House. I don’t know if that will happen, but if it does, she and her party will soon learn what actual resistance looks like.

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