If David Hogg is Too Fragile for Laura Ingraham, Then Why Believe Him on Guns?

Here are a few things I do not understand about the current gun control debate.

On the subject of gun control, we’re supposed to believe the students who survived the Parkland, FL, school shooting. Without question, at least when they support gun control.

Yet if a different survivor lived through it, experienced the terror, and now supports the Second Amendment — not gun bans — then we’re supposed to dismiss him as too young, and too brainwashed to know any better.

Why the double standard?

Here’s the next contradiction: When the pro-gun control survivor begins to complain publicly that he can’t get into college even though he’s “changing the world” via supporting gun control, we’re supposed to feel sorry for him when a conservative talk show host calls him out on it.

How dare this talk show host attack an innocent young person? That’s what we’re told. And yet entire companies have pulled their advertising from the talk show host because this supposedly helpless young person demanded it.

But if he’s too innocent and fragile to handle criticism from a conservative talk show host, then why should we trust he has the knowledge and wisdom for repealing part of the U.S. Constitution? If he’s as vulnerable as we’re supposed to believe, then why are multi-million dollar corporations doing what he demands?

I guess if I understood all these contradictions, I’d be capable of understanding how making it impossible for peaceful, law-abiding people to buy weapons to protect themselves will keep guns out of the hands of criminals who will always make it their business to harm others.

If David Hogg is serious about taking on the Second Amendment and the millions of Americans who already own weapons of self-protection, he’ll have to learn to take the heat from people a lot meaner than Laura Ingraham.

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