School Walkouts: The Educational Equivalent of Child Molesting

It’s wrong for government-run schools to pressure or require students to walk out in support of a political position, without giving them either the option to dissent or arguments in favor of the other side.

Children are told: “You’re in danger because it’s still legal for law-abiding people to own guns. Your fellow students died, and you may die, unless the government bans guns immediately.”

Here’s what they’re not told:

“None of your teachers or school administrators are allowed to have guns. None of them will ever be permitted to defend themselves — or you — should another gunman enter your school.”

Yet it’s a fact.

Here’s what else they’re not told:

“Your parents are not given any real choice about where to send you. They, and other taxpayers, are required to pay for your present school. This keeps private schools from competing with your existing schools in an effective way. No tax credits, no school choice of any kind. If you and your parents had that choice, you’d be able to exercise the option to possibly choose a better and safer school for yourself.”

Yet it’s a fact.

Just as government-run public schools offer a one-size-fits-all, single-payer approach to nationalized education, they likewise offer a one-size-fits-all, “No Dissenting Opinions” approach to the problem of school violence.

By making our society even less safe by encouraging children to walk out of school in support of repealing the Second Amendment, these educational and political pedophiles do nothing to foster independence, critical thinking or alternative solutions to the gun control policies that never have worked and never will work.

That’s why I call it the educational equivalent of child molesting.

If we’re honest about it, it’s closer to the political and educational equivalent of murder. Because children are going to keep dying, until or unless we permit innocent people to be armed and government-run schools to be privatized.

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