Why Are Males in Fatherless Households More Likely to Kill?

The Conservative Millennial brings up excellent points about why fathers matter: “26 out of the last 27 deadliest mass shooters were fatherless. … That’s why boys who grow up in single-mother homes are twice as likely to commit crimes than those who grow up with a present dad. That’s why both sons and daughters are more likely to become depressed without a strong relationship with their father. That’s why 71% of high school dropouts are fatherless.”

“If masculinity were truly toxic, then wouldn’t boys and girls who grow up without dads be happier and healthier? If it were better that men were more like women, wouldn’t kids be just as content with a mom than with having a father, too?”

It’s a fair question. Especially in a feminist-soaked culture where it’s almost illegal to suggest that anything conventionally masculine is acceptable or even — gasp — superior to anything conventionally feminine.

Nevertheless, can we objectively state that households with a father are automatically and always better than households without a father? I can’t, in all honesty, because I know of households with only one mother where the kids, including the son(s), turn out just great. Other variables have to be at work.

In my view, the most important point is not the gender of the parent, but how rational the parents are. Do they encourage children to act on their emotions and treat all their feelings as equivalent to facts? Or do they teach their kids that reality trumps feelings when the two conflict, and that reality is not merely “because I say so”, but consists of objective facts?

In short: Do they teach their kids how to think, or not?

They certainly won’t learn how to reason at government-run schools, where the central purpose is to become a good, conforming and politically correct citizen rather than a thinking, independent and objective individual.

If you look more deeply into why 26 of the last 27 mass shootings by males were in fatherless households, I’ll bet you discover that the single mothers didn’t teach their sons how to reason, perhaps because these single mothers consider emotions superior to reality and reasoning. In such cases, a rational father would have added great value to the household, while an irrational brute of a father would have obviously detracted.

Feminists have turned everything into a gender war, a war between the sexes that women, by political necessity, have got to always win. But no gender war ever gets us to the truth, whether it’s a gender war run by chauvinistic male pigs or condescending, emotion-driven and politically correct feminist dolts spending federal funds at their universities of indoctrination.

We ought to be researching, examining and looking into why 26 of the last 27 deadly shootings by young males were committed by young males growing up in female-run households. Unfortunately political correctness will not permit us to investigate the truth, much less discover it. Truth, reason, facts and logic are — after all, according to feminists — masculine and therefore sexist concepts.

In the meantime, reality and objective facts will go on asserting their truth, at times even to the point of death and destruction. Thank you for that, PC anti-intellectuals.

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