“Pragmatic” Gun Control Legislation a Bad Idea for Republicans

RINO Republican types on Fox News and elsewhere have been cooing about “pragmatic” gun control solutions proposed by Republican Governors in Florida, Ohio and elsewhere.

Bad idea.

Either you have the right to self-defense, or you do not. If you do not have the right to self-defense, as Democrats now openly insist, then why have pragmatic and partial steps for gun control? Just repeal the Second Amendment once and for all, or — as Democratic mayors and Governors are prepared to do — simply ignore the Second Amendment’s existence until it’s gone.

Once you accept the underlying (and wrong) premise that guns are the cause of all violent crime, and only a repeal of gun ownership will stop crime, then it looks irresponsible to drag your feet on the inevitable.

Pragmatic, unprincipled Republicans basically say, “Let’s pass some gun control, but not too much. And only after children are mowed down in a shooting.” They make Democrats look like principled and concerned citizens who simply want children to stop dying, with Republicans postponing safety for the sake of irrational stubbornness.

Only Republicans could make Democrats — America’s true totalitarians — look principled, right and smart. It’s because of the Ayn Rand principle. The Ayn Rand principle is that when any two parties share the same underlying premise, it’s the more consistent of the two who will win — even if the premise is wrong.

Democrats are totalitarians when it comes to the individual right to self-defense. Democrats are the real deal. Republicans do themselves and the cause of freedom no favors when they propose, in effect, having a little bit of totalitarianism — just not too much.

If we accept the underlying premise that government may decide who owns a gun, even if that citizen has done nothing wrong, then we’re on the road to tyranny and dictatorship. First go the guns, and then go the books and websites. America’s First and Second Amendments will be the last liberties standing when America’s Constitution is finally confiscated.

Republicans: There’s no virtue in tiptoeing your way to tyranny. The Democrats are taking the Express. Unless you propose a completely opposite direction, you’re worse than worthless to those of us who still cherish freedom.

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