I Wish Republicans Were A Lot Meaner

The problem with Republicans? They need to become a whole lot meaner. Democrats and progressives are really, really mean. They see themselves as sensitive and morally superior souls. And this fuels their meanness all the more.

Democrats and progressives, when voicing their views, engage in the two most common qualities of meanness: blaming and shaming. They are shameless in the practice of their shaming, and they absolve themselves of all blame for the consequences of their ideas and policies.

When confronted with the utter failure of Obamacare, for example, they reply: “What’s wrong with you? Why don’t you support health care for all? What kind of sadist or narcissist are you?”

Republicans never, ever argue this way. But I think they should. I know you’ll say, “But two wrongs don’t make a right.” Actually, they do — when one side is wrong or bad and the other is right.

Democrats have no problem with this. And that’s what makes them far superior fighters, despite the fact they’re wrong about nearly everything. Communism collapsed. It leads to utter starvation and misery everywhere it’s tried. It’s the same with socialism, as in Venezuela, where the people are literally starving right now. Ditto for Cuba and North Korea. Democrats, socialists and Communists are wrong — yet they continue to win many of the battles and all of the war because they shame and blame opponents who will never retaliate in kind.

Donald Trump is not perfect. He’s not ideologically consistent, and in fact doesn’t have an ideology. This is his weakness. He has a dominantly liberty-loving sense of life, which puts him on the right side of most issues, most of the time. He senses the Democrats are wrong. But he has something no Republican to date has yet exhibited, even for a moment: the willingness and ability to fight back, to fight nasty and miserable fire with nasty and miserable fire, when necessary. If Donald Trump were an ideologue — in the best sense of the term, i.e., an advocate of individual rights as America’s founders were — then there would be no stopping him. As it is, he has come remarkably far against virtually impossible odds because of this one quality: his meanness. We’re going to need that quality not only against an increasingly fascist left, but against the likes of North Korea, Iran and ISIS.

It’s not a truth anyone wants to hear. Democrats don’t want to hear it because they know it’s right, and they don’t want people to shame and blame them as they shame and blame everyone who disagrees with them. Democrats are morally righteous, love weapons when they’re in control of them but metaphysically and intellectually are the equivalent of mice. They should be easy to beat! Conventional Republicans don’t want to hear it because either (1) they’re afraid and comfortable in their swamp, or (2) they falsely believe that two wrongs don’t make a right, even though two wrongs do make a right when you’re fighting a bitter, ruthless, irrational and unjust enemy as Democrats plainly are.

America should not go down without a fight. America does not have to go down at all. Like President Trump, millions of Americans deeply value liberty, private property, self-sovereignty and freedom. Republicans are the only major political movement left with any hope of defending the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the system of capitalism and private property that made this country great, along with the morality of individualism. Republicans have to find their principles and express them with twice the vigor of the nasty, mean-spirited and just plain wrong mini-totalitarians on the Democratic, socialist, Communist-lite side.

You can ignore what I’m saying now. But when the Democrats regain power and are eventually back in the White House and/or Congress, you will need to consider my comments then. Because if Republicans don’t grow a spine, and fast — a spine at least as strong as what President Trump has been displaying — then even halfhearted advocates of liberty will be faced with a newly empowered fascist left unlike anything ever seen in this country. You will be longing for Obama and Hillary Clinton, because the antifa thugs savagely attacking peaceful conservatives, libertarians and Trump supporters are the way of the future. To them, the future is here. It’s not going to be pretty, so why not face reality now?

Time to grow a pair, Republicans. Donald Trump did. Now it’s time for the rest of you to do the same.


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