P.C. Merkel Leading Germany Down Hitler’s Same Dead-End Street

The pipe dream of peacefully integrating self-proclaimed “refugees” from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other terrorist prone countries into European society is falling apart. Germany, which led the way in opening the floodgates to such refugees, has become a leading incubator of jihadist-inspired terrorism in Europe. Prosecutors in Germany have opened up approximately four times as many terrorism-related cases this year so far than during all of 2016, and more than ten times than in 2013 … Sex crimes have also risen in areas of Germany inhabited by refugees. The mayor of one town told his constituents, who were upset by the increase in sexual harassment from the migrants, “Just don’t provoke them and don’t walk in these areas.” German citizens are being told to cede their freedom of movement in their own city to refugees who refuse to accept the legal and cultural norms of their host country.

A parallel system of Sharia law has emerged in Germany, the Gatestone Institute has documented. Islamist morality police patrol some German streets, enforcing Sharia law. One example involves Salafists from Chechnya. “The vigilantes,” according to another Gatestone Institute report, “are using threats of violence to discourage Chechen migrants from integrating into German society; they are also promoting the establishment of a parallel Islamic legal system in Germany.”

If justice implies objective law applied equally to all citizens — and it does — then Germany is progressively reverting to Nazism by tolerating the emergence of Sharia law within its borders. Not since Nazi Germany has the country been in as much trouble.

Political correctness, the creed practiced by America’s last President and Germany’s current Chancellor, Angela Merkel, holds that no one form of government, culture or belief is better or worse than another. Practiced consistently, political correctness means that the totalitarian savagery of Islamic Sharia law must be placed on the same moral and legal playing field as traditional Western law, which applies equally to all individuals.

That’s the real reason Germany is falling apart, and will continue to do so on its present course. To say so is not “nativist” or “racist”. Islamic belief in Sharia law is not an in-born belief. It’s a chosen belief, just as the ideas of liberty, objective justice and Western law are viewpoints some choose to adopt. As adults, at least, we choose our beliefs and we are responsible for them.

Germany’s Angela Merkel is leading Germany to the same disaster that Adolf Hitler did, only by a different route. Hitler took control of the government for the purpose of installing a National Socialist State where Jews and other politically unfavorable groups were brutally persecuted. Merkel, like Hitler, will not tolerate dissenting points of view. She has already put Facebook and social media on notice that criticism of Islam, which includes Sharia Law, will not be tolerated by the German government. By placing Sharia law on the same level as “regular” or rational law, the only ones to benefit will be the advocates of less rational form of law.

What Hitler was unable to accomplish with his ruthless Nazi State, Merkel may yet accomplish by letting Sharia law become the coexisting law of the German land along with conventional law.

Sex crimes are up against women, and local officials tell citizens to stay away from the migrants and not annoy them. Sharia law is being imposed. Merkel and her P.C. cohorts will still insist, “We’re only trying to be compassionate and caring.” When you tolerate the intolerant and the brutal, you’re just as bad as the intolerance you claim to hate.

Germans had better wake up, and quickly. They have a lot to lose, and all of the available facts suggest they’re in the process of losing it.



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