‘Islamophobia’ Becomes More Rational Every Day

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is really, really angry at people who criticize or engage in what she considers “hate speech” against Islam.

It turns out that certain Muslims are even angrier than the haughty, politically correct authoritarian Merkel. So much so, in fact, that there has been yet another Islamic-inspired act of barbarism, this time in Merkel’s very own Germany.

“A Pakistani migrant, named as 23-year-old Naved B, was arrested for allegedly driving a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin, killing at least 12 people and injuring dozens others,” says the latest news.

Imagine a news story like this: “A native of Lincoln, Nebraska, named as 23-year-old Tom Smith, was arrested for allegedly driving a truck into a mosque in the Middle East, killing at least 12 people and injuring dozens of others.”

The p.c. outrage from Germany’s Merkel, Obama and others would be deafening. It would the equivalent of starting World War III. This is because our inexplicably pro-Islam, p.c. world “leaders” cannot tolerate the idea of anyone criticizing Islam. Yet if the situations were reversed, with Christians or other non-Muslims attacking Islamic holidays or meeting centers, screams of outrage would be heard throughout the world.

We live in fascinating, twisted times. The perpetrators of Islamic-inspired violence, organized around ISIS as well as a growing number of Islamic governments or gangs, are at war with all things non-Muslim. Yet the non-Muslims (i.e., the victims) are not allowed to say so. The Muslims initiating all this violence feel no such inhibition. And the supposedly peaceful majority of Muslims continue to remain quiet, while supporting and even applauding p.c. leaders such as Merkel (and Obama) who have made the world a far, far safer place for Islamic terrorism on their watch.

Keep in mind that Merkel wants to sue Facebook for allowing “fake news” or any kind of dissenting opinion that German citizens might be allowed to see. She’s so enraged at the idea someone might suggest Islam is violent that she’s prepared to return Germany to the kind of totalitarian regime it descended into under the reign of Hitler. Right-wing Nazism or left-wing politically correct Islamofascism? At the core, they’re the same. Each seeks to stamp out dissension and evade self-evident, objective truth while using the threats, intimidation and force of government to uphold their brutally false narratives.

Poor Anglea Merkel. She so wants to stop the spread of “Islamophobia,” with government coercion if necessary. Yet the proponents of Islam keep doing more and more to make fear and loathing of Islam a perfectly rational thing.


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