Why It’s Not Racist to Expect Kids to Speak English

I am so sick of reading stories about how somebody enraged “the black community”, “the Hispanic community”, “the LGBT community”, or “the women’s community”.

What does it mean to say “the community” of some demographic group is enraged? Does it mean the actual people who belong to that racial or other group are angry? Or does it mean that those who make a living being professional black people, professional gay people or professional Latino people are enraged? Because there’s a difference between actual people and the self-appointed spokespersons for those “communities”.

Here’s a recent example:

A New Jersey high school teacher who had the audacity to tell a student to speak English inside her classroom is facing severe backlash.

A student filmed the teacher at Cliffside Park High School lecturing a youngster for speaking Spanish instead of English.

She told the class that soldiers were fighting for their freedom.

“They are not fighting for your right to speak Spanish,” the teacher said. “They are fighting for your right to speak American.”

Those comments enraged the town’s Latin American community — leading some to call the teacher a racist, local news outlets reported.

“She isn’t allowing the student to express his constitutional right,” one recent graduate said.

I would like the evidence and conclusive proof that the entire “Latin American community” is enraged, or whether it’s only the kind of people who make a living out of being professional Latin American people. Because like I said, there’s a difference.

We wonder why America is so divided. I don’t think it’s actual people that do reasonable and real-life things who are divided. The division is between people who make their living peddling victimhood and those who actually try to live their lives in peace, self-responsibility and freedom. Their differences are not as great as the victim-peddling “stir-up-resentment-and-outrage” mongers want us to think.

I cannot imagine any Latin American persons who are remotely rational, and who went to the trouble to come to America to create a better life for themselves or their children, reacting negatively to a school teacher saying to their kids, “Speak English.” English is the dominant language spoken in this country. Survival and success depend on knowing how to speak it, whether you otherwise speak Spanish or not.

It’s not “racist” to simply state facts. It’s not racist to tell a child, “If you want to succeed in this country, know the primary language. Speak your own language at home if you want, but be realistic.”

In fact, a true blue racist would encourage children not to adapt or otherwise take the steps required to function in a free society. The “enraged” in the Latin American community are not the real, honest and honorable people who likely have no objection to their kids’ teachers expecting them to know English. The “enraged” in the Latin American (or any other) community are the losers who make their living stirring up resentment and anger so the rest of us will be intimidated into pretending that we accept politically correct, toxic ideas that make no sense on their own terms.

Critical thinking requires a willingness and ability to always consider the “source” of the outrage. The chronically and professionally “outraged” are often those with the least to offer. Remember that when you read these news stories!


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