“Hanoi Jane” is Alive and Well

Last week on BBC’s “Hardtalk,” actress Jane Fonda was asked by show host Stephen Sackur if inside her she had a “sense of regret” for her 1972 visit to North Vietnam at the height of the Vietnam War.

Fonda denied having any regret about the visit itself and argued she had justifications for the trip.

“I don’t regret going to Vietnam,” she said. “The United States was bombing the dikes in North Vietnam — earthen dikes in the Red River Delta. If the dikes had given way, according to Henry Kissinger, somewhere around 2 million people could have died of famine and drowning …”

Notice Fonda’s lack of concern for the millions who starved, who were executed and politically imprisoned under Communism. These are the things leftists like Jane Fonda allow themselves to evade, and things their fawning admirers permit them to evade. And none of them have to live under the dictatorship they’re prepared to impose on others in the name of their own faux sense of moral superiority.

Nothing has changed. Whether it’s 1972 and Jane Fonda is in Vietnam, or it’s 2017, leftist excuses know no limits and tolerate no dissension of any kind.

Fonda’s unrepentant attitude is revealing. It shows why leftism never goes away. No matter how morally wrong and economically impractical the policies of Communism and socialism are, the more they stay with us. A lot of the reason for this is their refusal to give up or concede anything.

You rarely hear conservatives or anyone else who disagrees with Communist-of-convenience Jane Fonda exhibiting such unwavering lack of repentance. They’re generally full of apologies. The two George Bushes apologized for Ronald Reagan’s conservatism by saying things like “let’s be kinder and gentler” and calling for “compassionate conservatism.” Mitt Romney and John McCain, two phonies who tried to run against Barack Obama, similarly made apologies in hopes they could get people like Jane Fonda to like them. It will never happen.

When it comes to principles, there’s a right side and a wrong side. Those on the side of totalitarianism, whether it’s Communism or any other kind, are always in the wrong. Those on the side of unimpaired and principled individualism, liberty and individual rights, grounded in the virtue of rational thought, will always be in the right. Yet so long as the wrong or bad guys, like Jane Fonda, never give any ground while the good guys always keep doing so, then the bad guys will triumph, in the end.

Jane Fonda is like an Iron Lady of “wrongness”. She sticks to her Communist guns to the end, and people like her always do. Until we see similar resolve from people on the side of liberty and capitalism, people like Fonda will keep winning the war for the rights and soul of the individual.



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