Dr. Hurd’s “Candor, Straight Talk and Non-Conformist Ideology” Appreciated

 I have read your articles for years in the Delaware Wave, and have many a time been impressed on how you hit the nail right on the head. That being said your latest article was brilliant! I am also of the mindset that drug problems are not “diseases” and that one makes the choice to put the needle into their arm or the substance into their body by smoking or snorting or even drinking. It is a conscientious decision. One deliberately made.
The fact our culture has made excuses for every reason for an individual to not be responsible for his or her choices and life is sad state of affairs. Political correctness only feeds this parasitic beast and draws us, as a society and culture, further down into the whole of helplessness and irresponsibility.
Thank you for your candor, straight talk and non-conformist ideology that every one is a ‘victim’.
I will continue to read your work and grow from it.