Sorry Little Caricatures Like Joe Scarborough are Getting Tiring

Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, in reference to Donald Trump, Jr.’s appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” last week, host Joe Scarborough called the show hosted by conservative commentator Sean Hannity “state-run television.”

No, Morning Joe. Sean Hannity is not “state-run television”. State-run television refers to when the government pays for it. PBS is state-run television. NPR is state-run radio. I’m sure you’re just fine with those networks. In fact, if Republicans ever had the guts to defund those programs, you’d be screaming first and loudest.

To anti-free market/anti-liberty people in the media like Joe Scarborough, it’s dictatorial whenever anyone disagrees with them. Sean Hannity generally leans Republican and pro-President Trump. Scarborough does not like this. Instead of countering Hannity’s arguments, he equates his entirely privately funded television program with dictatorship.

But you cannot dictate to people without brute force. I’m not aware of either Sean Hannity or Donald Trump calling for brute force, at least not any more than our government already imposes on us. It’s the leftists and progressives like Scarborough who want unending brute force through all the social policies, regulations, taxes, mandated schools, mandated health care and wealth redistribution schemes they constantly impose on us. It’s leftists who want to disarm the population and only allow government and criminals (same difference) to have guns. It’s conservatives like Trump and Hannity who want people to keep their weapons.

Don’t assume that leftist progressives like Joe Scarborough mean it as a bad thing when they accuse Sean Hannity and other dissenters of being “state-run” media (which they’re not). People like Scarborough want state-run media. They just want it to be run by them.

I’m getting sick of the projection. I’m also disappointed. Leftists are no longer worthy adversaries. Their tantrums and shrieks are meaningless and empty. They’re nothing more than sorry little caricatures, acting like what they’re saying even matters. The awful truth? They never had any substance. But now they’ve lost their pretense at credibility, too.


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