Why Is Violence Becoming Normal in America?

Why is American society becoming more violent?

It’s the death of reason. Liberty and freedom cannot exist unless reason and rationality are the dominant trends of a culture.

In politics, reason is almost completely gone. Everything is about government compulsion. Obamacare, high taxation, corporate cronyism, endless regulation, globalist socialism – they’re all based on compulsion. Nobody gets to participate in socialized medicine, environmentalist mandates or taxation voluntarily. Compulsion and coercion are not the same as reason. By making everything about compulsion and coercion, people gradually become less and less reasonable.

We need a government. But we only need a government to restrain and hold violent or fraudulent criminals accountable. That’s more than enough for any government. But today’s government is about shaping people into what socialist, globalist or other kinds of elites think everyone should be. It’s all about compulsion.

In that context, it makes total sense that a Bernie Sanders supporter would try to kill politicians he feels stand in the way of his agenda. Bernie Sanders is a total socialist. Socialism means that people stop making their own decisions and let the central authorities in Washington or elsewhere make most of their decisions for them. Kind of like Cuba or Venezuela, or Soviet Russia in the old days. It’s all based on coercion and compulsion. Even when they claim it’s “democratic”, all this means is that 51 percent of the population gets to compel 49 percent of the population to act against their interests. It might be democratic, but it’s not freedom.

As reason goes by the wayside, compulsion and coercion grow. And when the people who want coercion and compulsion do not get their way, they get really, really angry. Most will not pick up a gun and start shooting, but the anger is the same whether they take that step or not.

In a rational culture, people – even people on the socialist side – would feel obliged to persuade people of their point-of-view. It used to be like that in America, but those days are gone. What yesterday’s shooting tells us is that many people no longer feel that obligation to prove, reason or persuade. Notice the lack of outrage from people on the Bernie Sanders or Democratic left side about the violence. I haven’t heard one stand up and say, “Violence is not the solution”. They’re more than ready to take that stand when it comes to fighting Islamic terrorists or any other legitimate enemy of freedom. But somehow their outrage over violence stops at the door of anyone who doesn’t share their particular point-of-view.

The lack of outrage by leftist progressives over yesterday’s shooting is similar to the lack of outrage by “moderate” Muslims over the almost daily violence done in their religion’s name. Sometimes what people fail to say reveals a lot more about them than what they DO say.

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