Until We Defeat P.C., We Will Never Defeat Terrorism

‘Potential Act of Terror’ as Van Hits Pedestrians in ‘Major Incident’ at London Bridge, Reports of Stabbings Multiple Injuries.

LONDON TERROR: Attackers shout ‘this is for Allah’ in hit-and-run, stabbing; 20 injured

We’re entering a new phase of Islam’s war against the West. The new phase is psychological. It’s what happens when the attacks become the norm, and not just the exception. When violence becomes regular, rather than irregular. The U.K. is there. The Muslim mayor of London got it right — psychologically — when he said terrorist attacks are now a way of life, and people will simply have to get used to them. Easy for him to say. It’s his religion who’s winning, at least right now. He might be happy, but those of us who value living, peaceful coexistence, separation of church and state, and individual rights — well, we’re not nearly as sanguine as the Muslim mayor of London.

Most people stumble around the middle of the road. On the one hand, they don’t want to appear unkind or judgmental. Political correctness has really done its job, especially in Europe where it’s essentially now the law of the land. America still rebels against P.C., to a degree, but we’re not far behind. On the other hand, they can’t take all this violence. When violence becomes normal, that’s when it will really get interesting. Watch what happens in the U.K., especially London, because they’re already there.

What happens to people’s minds, emotions and psyches when terrorism becomes the norm? What happens when it becomes almost an everyday event? Will people just buckle down and accept it, as our last U.S. President and the mayor of London imply we have to do? Or will they demand that their political and military leaders go on the offense, and fight back with ten times the force being used against us, not just against terrorists hiding out in caves but against the governments and legalized thugs around the world who promote and finance them?

It remains to be seen. Europe, and the U.K. in particular, cannot go on like this. Either they will come to a finish, or they will reassert themselves in a way not seen since the height of World War II. This is not a vote for war. There’s nothing glorious about war. But we’re already at war, whether we like it or not. The question is not whether we go to war. The question is whether or when we actually start to fight back — with even more ruthlessness and determination to win than those on the Islamic militant side.

P.C. kills. Right now, it’s the timidity and false morality of political correctness that’s doing just as much damage as the terrorists themselves. The Allies would never have defeated the Nazis if all they focused on was, “Not all Nazis are mean people”. Thanks to P.C., future victims of slaughter wave the flag of surrender and literally invite their killers to enter their countries and murder them.

Until we beat P.C., we will never defeat terrorism.

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