Kathy Griffin: Anatomy of a Meltdown

Kathy Griffin is a living caricature of the victim mentality. No matter what she does, she sees herself as a victim — even when she’s the victimizer.

“He broke me,” she says regarding Donald Trump. Did Donald Trump make her pay high-priced photographers to capture her picture holding his bloody head? What did HE do to create all this?!

Of course, that’s the issue. To the victim mentality, people make them do things even without forcing them to do so. How? By saying, thinking or believing things with which they do not agree. Donald Trump’s views and politics offend Kathy Griffin. From the point-of-view of a victim mentality, merely having to live on the same planet with people whose views offend you is an assault. In her crippled mindset, she was merely fighting for self-defense by holding up a bloody head of Trump. Sure, it was a publicity stunt and a way to gain attention. But the people whose attention she was trying to gain? Victim mentalities with perpetual chips on their shoulders. And there are a lot of them in America. Kathy Griffin is their spokesperson, whether they admit it or not.

Forget politics for a moment. It’s deeper than politics. You get rotten politicians and bad government, especially in a democracy, when millions of people have irrational or twisted ideas. The victim mentality is a dominant part of America today. That’s Kathy Griffin’s audience. Just like it was Hillary Clinton’s audience, or anyone who seeks to acquire money and/or power by appealing to the worst and weakest within human beings.

“If you don’t stand up, you get run over,” said Griffin today. Good grief. You’d think she was the victim here, and not the victimizer. That’s what people like her really believe.

“What’s happening to me has never happened ever in the history of this great country. Which is that a sitting president of the United States and his grown children and the First Lady are personally, I feel, personally trying to ruin my life forever.” Evidence? In her mind, there’s plenty. Donald Trump (and the people who voted for him) have already attacked and assaulted her by refusing to think the way she thinks about life, government, liberty, society, and all kinds of other things. This makes victim mindsets very, very upset. It makes people like Kathy Griffin double over with rage.

“It’s a bunch of white guys trying to silence me,” she said. “This wouldn’t be happening to a guy. This is a woman thing.” She’s sinking fast. She thought her prank would lead to outrage from Trump supporters and quiet (or open) cheering from Trump haters. That largely happened. What she wasn’t counting on was losing business. She thought she’d make more money, not less. Maybe in the long run she will, but not for now.

Griffin claims she “would never want to hurt anyone, especially a child.” But if you don’t wish to hurt children, doesn’t it make sense NOT to create bloody likenesses of their fathers for the entire world to see?

Some people think we should not talk about Kathy Griffin. Stop giving her the attention she deserves. But Kathy Griffin is the living, walking, talking, thinking and feeling embodiment of the victim mentality. That mentality is probably about half of America — the people who walk around with chips on their shoulders, looking for people to blame for their failure or unhappiness. They blame “whites”, “men”, “heterosexuals” or people who want lower taxes, who oppose the Paris climate accord, who wish to annihilate ISIS and who’d like to repeal Obamacare. Again, forget the politics. It’s not who they blame but the fact that they must blame. Without blaming, they’re nothing.

That’s the definition of a loser. Like a lot of people, I used to dislike the word “loser”. But then I came to understand that a loser is not someone who loses or fails honestly. Some of the greatest achievers have lost. A loser is someone who thinks of him- or herself as a victim. A loser is an emotional abuser who blames others for pushing back when you spit on them.

Short of physical assault or hostage-taking, people cannot break you. You break yourself. Others only “break” you if you allow them to do so. This is what the victim mentality refuses to see. The victim mentality abuses and harms others, and then blames others when they dare to stand up for themselves.

Losers cannot stand it when you stand up for yourself. When Kathy Griffin talks about her alleged victimizers, she’s really describing herself. The horrifying thing is not that she did all this for attention and fame. The most horrifying thing is that she believes what she’s saying. And that so many millions of Americans, if they’re honest about it, deep down feel a lot like she does.

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