Rejecting the Paris Accord Should Be a No-Brainer for President Trump

President Donald Trump has tweeted, “I will make my final decision on the Paris Accord next week!” The position makes the United States the lone holdout on endorsing the agreement during the G7 summit in Italy. Trump has said he would give world leaders the chance to make their case for the accord.

It should be a no-brainer. The decision should be an unqualified, unhesitating NO.

The Paris Accord on “climate change” assumes evidence and knowledge we do not have, that man-made emissions are causing climate change in a necessarily damaging way. More than that, the accord is not about saving the planet. It’s about making economics more profitable for European nations and China by making it harder for the United States. It’s just another way of leveling things off, by bringing the United States down a few more notches. Once upon a time, the United States was the fastest growing economy in human history. It still is, although far less so than before, because of all the restraints our own government has placed on economic growth. Its competitors cannot stand this fact, and love to see America shamed, restrained or torn down for that reason. It’s not the planet these Paris Accord advocates love; it’s America, and all it stands for, that they loathe.

Donald Trump should know better. But he’s reportedly listening to his daughter Ivanka and her husband, both of whom are leftist Democrats. And of course leftist Democrats support the accord. It’s easy to support something in the name of “saving the planet” when, as a leftist Democrat, your real goal is to see America  brought down another few notches. Because we all know that while America will follow the accord to the letter, and be brutally savaged if it doesn’t, nations like China, India and European countries will never be taken to task for violating it. It’s no different from arms control.

America, despite all that’s been done to it, still manages to hang on and be # 1. This is the thing America-haters cannot stand. Because to accept America’s # 1 status means accepting the thing that leftist European and Communist nations hate: free enterprise and, deeper than that, individual rights. They cannot and will never accept the moral or practical superiority of these things. America is a reminder of that unpleasant and inconvenient fact.

How disappointing it will be if President Donald Trump, who promised to put America first and help make America great again, kowtows to the leftist socialist Democrats in his own family and in socialist internationalist circles to bring America down a notch. It’s all a bunch of unearned guilt, and it’s got to stop.

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