From the Horse’s Mouth

Former House Speaker John Boehner (a crybaby before it was cool) on Wednesday said that aside from foreign affairs, President Donald Trump’s performance in office has been a “complete disaster”.

Hmmm…let’s see. If everything Trump has done so far is a disaster, then what would success look like? I guess Boehner would refer to his time in office as a success.

So that means giving the Democrats everything they want. This includes the funding of Obamacare and the ability of terrorist Muslims to enter the country. And tax increases. And unprecedented regulations via the EPA and throughout the federal government, crippling what’s left of the private economy. And failing to do anything about Obama’s abuse of the IRS to persecute political opponents. And pork barrel spending that would have made Democrats of 20 years ago blush, to say nothing of Ronald Reagan, all under the faux rubric of “limited government.”  And running the national debt higher than it took to rise during the presidencies of George Washington through George W. Bush, something that could never have happened without John Boehner’s House of Representatives.

We can only believe that if John Boehner considers Donald Trump a miserable failure, then Boehner’s definition of “success” consists of mindless spending, incomprehensible debt and — since doing it all under the banner of “Republican” — outright deceit and fraud.

So that’s success, is it? No wonder they call it the “swamp”. A better term would be a mental ward. But I have worked in mental wards, and have found the character and mental states of schizophrenics, troubled as they are, to be superior to those of people like John Boehner.

Boehner proves yet again that America has only one political party: A spending and debt party. Morally and fiscally, these uniparty politicians will bring us ruin. If Donald Trump proves a disaster, it will only be if he follows in the footsteps of people like John Boehner.

It’s wonderful that John Boehner is gone, living a life of bitterness in the aftermath of miserable failure he brought on himself. He deserves it. Now if only we could get rid of the rest of them.

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