The Single Greatest Witch Hunt in American History

President Donald Trump: This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history! With all of the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign & Obama Administration, there was never a special councel appointed!

Exactly right. Witches were burned at the stake – not for being witches, but for violating unwritten rules. As president, Donald Trump has violated rules. The rules he broke are not legal ones, and are not part of the Constitution. The essence of the unwritten rule he broke? That someone like him should not be in office. He got there without counting on anyone but himself and the voters he persuaded. He’s not supposed to be there!

We have evidence of Clinton and Obama violations, not just of unwritten rules, but of actual laws and ethical practices. Imagine, for just one moment, if Donald Trump were caught using the IRS to go after political groups that oppose his policies. John McCain and Paul Ryan would rush to impeachment faster than any Democrat could or would. Imagine, for just one moment, if Donald Trump were caught using his influence as President to make money for a “foundation” nominally devoted to charity, the vast majority of profits going to do things like pay for his daughter’s wedding. It would all be over before it started.

Donald Trump is a very brave man. To take on the arrogant, power-crazed and perpetually paid-off elites in both parties who run our corrupt Imperial City is a more mind-blowing challenge than those of us who oppose those elites ever could have imagined. These people who inhabit Congress and elite institutions such as The New York Times and The Washington Post are more dishonest, rotten and downright evil than even people like myself have appreciated.  It’s really, really bad in that amoral, psychologically crazed swamp of Washington DC. And yes, the bulk of the “mainstream” media is at the core of it. No totalitarian regime – Communist, Nazi, not any of them – could count on as loyal an operation as the established media determined to take down Donald Trump, not because of his moderately Republican policies (too moderate for a lot of us), but because of the fact he got to DC without owing anybody a thing.

Despite all this, we have to keep in mind how the arrogant power elites got their power. They got their power because the people of a once free country handed sovereignty over their lives, their property, their income and their private enterprises to politicians, gradually and over a long period of time. We gave these politicians trillions of dollars in wealth that doesn’t belong to them, and we wonder how they became corrupt. In the end, it was the people of America who created the “swamp” that Donald Trump now so bravely battles. We have to keep that in mind, because nobody—not Donald Trump, or anybody else—can drain that swamp until the vast majority of Americans are willing to take government out of the lives and pockets of competent, honest American individuals and go back to upholding the individual rights enshrined in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

If America is to be great again, America has to be free again. We’ve got to set ourselves free. The drama playing out in Washington DC between Donald Trump and “the establishment” is just a symptom of a deeper problem and an even more compelling drama. And that problem, knowingly or not, has been within ourselves.

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