So Let’s Get This Straight…

It appears that Donald Trump’s presidency is over. Did I miss something? So we’ll soon have President Pence? Or maybe just skip the middleperson, and install President Hill to her rightful throne, at once?

Let’s try to piece it all together…

Former FBI Director James Comey plays both sides during last year’s presidential election. He tries to skew the investigation about Hillary Clinton in favor of the candidate he thought was going to win — first Hillary Clinton, then Donald Trump. And then back and forth several more times.

Just last week, Hillary Clinton blames her presidential defeat on Comey, who sided with her some of the time, but not all of the time.

Days later, President Trump fires Comey, suggesting the obvious — that Comey’s objectivity cannot be (and never could have been) trusted.

Suddenly Democrats side with Comey, portraying him as a victim of President Trump, and his firing as evidence — lacking any other — that Donald Trump is somehow conspiring with Russia to overthrow the United States.

Now James Comey, freshly fired, claims that Donald Trump had a conspiracy with Russia all along. We’re supposed to take his word for it. We’re also supposed to uphold him as a man of integrity, despite the fact — if we believe him — that he withheld information that the President of the United States wants to overthrow the United States, at least until that same President fired him.

It’s like a bad television show. But it’s the land of the free, founded and maintained by the likes of Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln. It makes sense only in the fact-free world of leftist media, because that leftist media does not care what’s true, only so long as Donald Trump is gone.

Without reason and rationality, freedom will never stand a chance. Where has all the reason gone?

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