Donald Trump is Right: We DO Need a Good Government Shutdown

Donald Trump has tweeted we need a “good shutdown” of the government to wake people up. For all the reasons that the chattering Republicrat classes find these comments deplorable, I find them wonderful.

A government shutdown is a great opportunity to find out how much we do NOT need most of what the government currently does. In fact, all we really need is what the Constitution originally provided for us: a system of laws to protect individual rights and to protect us from foreign invaders.

Most of what the government currently does is a waste of time. In fact, it’s worse than that. It impedes and hampers the creative, the innovative and the best of what the human spirit has to offer. Before the federal government did all the things it currently does, America experienced a period of invention, innovation and economic expansion the world has never seen, before or since. If only so many of us were not so afraid, we could once again set ourselves free.

Don’t talk to me about national parks. If those things are so important, and surely to many they are, there are more than enough billionaires and millionaires happy to step up to the plate and operate them for us—even at a profit, if they’re smart. Instead of trying to turn the United States into the next Communist dictatorship by funding politicians who seek to do so, why not do something constructive for a change?

And don’t use Social Security and Medicare as an excuse to keep everything else the government does afloat. The fact that millions of Americans became dependent on Social Security and Medicare is no excuse not to let the EPA, the Department of Education, the Department of Commerce, the Department of the Interior and so many other departments and agencies shut their doors, even for good.

Medicare and Social Security were big mistakes, and we will continue to pay dearly for them as their costs ultimately drive the federal government over the fiscal and moral edge. These “sacred cow” programs will be privatized one way or another, whether rationally through a privatization plan nobody in Washington DC has yet proposed, or simply by default when the whole federal government runs out of other people’s money.

Having “paid into” these programs loses its credibility as an argument, because the programs now pay out way more than they ever could take in through payroll taxes, unless payroll taxes went up to 100 percent. Today’s retiring baby boomers must count on the millennial generation to fund these programs if they’re to sustain themselves. Now how well do you think that’s going to work out? Entitlement programs are bottomless pits, and the politicians know it. Putting politicians—most of whom are nothing more than the moral equivalent of legalized criminals—in charge of these programs would be like placing convicted child molesters in charge of a day care facility. It’s absurd to the point of laughable, and yet tragic at the same time, because so many hapless fools still believe in these programs.

Sooner or later, people will have to face that most of what our government does is worse than worthless, and most of what the government presently does cannot sustain itself too much longer anyway. Think of a government shutdown as a rare moment of reality check. I don’t know how much of this President Donald Trump realizes, but on some level he senses some of it, at least. This is why many people find him deplorable. And I will give him credit for saying it. It’s a deplorable comment—only from the point-of-view of those who actually think our deplorable federal government is a valuable and good thing.

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