The Democratic Party: America’s New Communists

I wrote this in a posting last August:

“We’re not facing the issues. We have our heads in the sand, and most of us point fingers to avoid talking about the real issues. We have stopped listening to each other because, quite frankly, our fundamental ideals and beliefs are not the same. When this happens in a marriage, it’s generally a sign that the marriage is over. When it happens in a country, it’s a sure sign of civil breakdown if not civil war. I wish I were wrong, and I sure would love to be wrong, but the evidence seems overwhelming. Study the years leading up to America’s Civil War, and you’ll find parallels in today’s America. Back then, the issues were different, but the psychological atmosphere is the same. Each side is done listening to the other, because each side quite frankly recognizes it has irreconcilable differences with the other. Liberty versus socialism? There’s no reconciling the two.”

Have the two months since the election supported or refuted my point? Well, ask yourself how unified the country appears to be.

Consider what has happened since the election. Democrats, who condemned Donald Trump when he suggested he might question the election results if he lost, have aggressively questioned the election results since Hillary Clinton lost. In the absence of any evidence and overriding state requirements, they demanded recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. In the absence of any evidence, they blamed Russia for hacking the election in a way that changed the outcome in those crucial states. Then they enlisted tearful rock stars and actors to implore the Electoral College electors to vote for their candidate rather than the one the voters directed them to support. And they call themselves “Democrats”? This is Communism, not democracy.

President Obama — with still a month to go — has issued more far-reaching executive orders and supported more destructive policies — the federal land grab in Utah, which is the size of Delaware, total abandonment of Israel in the U.N., and unprecedented executive orders for the “environment” — just to make it even more impossible for President Trump to govern. Imagine if President George W. Bush had done anything like this before Obama’s terms began. You would have heard shrieks and outcry not unlike the ones we’ve heard since Trump’s election.

None of this seems very unified to me. But I never expected unity. The country is deeply and perhaps irrevocably divided. The Trump presidency will not change any of this, sadly. In fact, the divisions will go even deeper. Trump will get the blame from media and academia, but it’s really the American people who are divided.

The deeper issue is what I wrote in August: Liberty and socialism are not compatible. The Democratic left is unequivocally and irreparably on the side of socialism. In fact, Democrats have essentially morphed into the twenty-first century version of Communists. Communists are all about suppressing dissension and using the state to heavy-handedly accomplish what the Party leaders believe is best for everyone. If they ever regain power, there will be hell to pay for those of us who dissented. If you doubt me, just look at the treatment you’re receiving from the unforgiving tyrants-at-heart who will never forgive you for having voted for Trump.

At the core, Communism is anti-liberty because it’s anti-reason. So is Islam, which stands for “submission.” Communists, social democrats and Muslims are all about submission. This is why so many (with rare exception) on the Democratic side are nasty, name-calling, threatening and more intolerant of dissension and diversity than the bigots and racists they claim to oppose. I don’t know that human history has ever witnessed an explosion of psychological projection of the magnitude we have seen with the intolerant left. But it’s not surprising, and it’s actually quite logical. When you adhere to the ideology that force and compulsion are the solution to all things, then of course you’re unreasonable with people who disagree. Reason is not the force behind Communism, and it’s not the rationale behind the modern Democratic Party version of Communism. Coercion is. It always was, and in the coming months and years you’re going to see this with greater clarity than ever.

Deplorables and dissenters everywhere: Stay safe and watch your backs. This battle is far from over.


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