After the Election

Understandably, there’s a lot of focus on the upcoming presidential election: who will win, and what will happen.

But regardless of who wins, there’s a lot of difficulty ahead.

Millions of people are really angry. Much of the anger is on the Republican or independent side. Many rally around Donald Trump; and many others don’t like him, and might not even vote for him. But the anger is there, regardless.

Hillary Clinton supporters often denigrate or minimize this anger. Once she wins, they assume, all will be well. “Angry people will just have to get over it.” But once she wins, the things many people are angry about will still be issues. Her corruption will escalate, and the fact she’s getting away with it all will only become more obvious. Who knows what damage she will do to the country with her Clinton Foundation interests often colliding with national security interests, always knowing which side she’ll choose.

More than that, Hillary Clinton will be the president to alter the Supreme Court permanently, at least for the rest of most of our lives. She can be expected to keep her promise to appoint judges who support curtailing or even eliminating Second Amendment rights, as well as First Amendment rights. She has promised to reappoint Obama’s current Attorney General, who in turn promises to criminally prosecute people who challenge climate change or criticize Islam. Giving Obama a “third” and even a fourth term is an overwhelmingly obvious green light for people like Hillary Clinton to have a field day. We already know Congress will not try to stop her, particularly in the aftermath of a Trump defeat.

So while Hillary Clinton ascending to the presidency will be a good thing for those who want her to win, it’s still going to lead to a lot of grave problems for the country. When it comes time to lock people up for their views on Islam or climate change, or to hand over their guns, which is the direction we’re moving with a one-party lock on the White House, you can be confident it’s not going to be pretty. If you think this political campaign has been ugly, you haven’t seen anything yet. Wait until after the election.

And of course, if Donald Trump does manage to win, it won’t be pretty, either. You will have a lot of people on the other side –not just Hillary’s side, but the anti-Trump Republicans—who will not stand for a Trump presidency and will likely go to unprecedented lengths to undermine him. My view is that we have absolutely no idea what Trump will do until or unless he’s in office; but you can be sure he won’t be well-received by the establishment in either party. Ugliness will prevail then, regardless.

I’m not writing this to be negative or gloomy. I’m writing it to point out that America has real, serious problems which this election will not resolve. In terms of politics and government, our main problems are related to the fact that we have too much government in areas where it does not belong, and too little government in areas where it does belong. When it comes to protecting us from terrorism and, yes, Islam, our government seems powerless (and under Obama, downright unwilling) to defend us. Ditto for inspiring confidence in the police. Instead of trying to improve the police, Obama and Hillary Clinton support crazed anarchists like Black Lives Matter, who want to undermine the rule of law and shoot police merely because they are police. What could be worse for physical safety, the one thing government is supposed to provide us?

The things government should be doing are going by the wayside, and the things government should not be doing – taking care of our every last economic and emotional need, providing us with unlimited freebies, wiping our noses and calming our hurt and “triggered” feelings – are growing in unprecedented numbers. If you don’t believe me, just check out the nearly $20 trillion national debt.

The American government has become almost a complete inversion of what the Constitution originally intended. Instead of the federal government limiting itself to protection of life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness, government has abandoned that task and instead works to provide us with an unlimited number of freebies financed not just by “the rich” and the middle class (as Hillary Clinton now acknowledges), but also by unsustainable and incomprehensible debt too high to count.

We’re not facing the issues. We have our heads in the sand, and most of us point fingers to avoid talking about the real issues. We have stopped listening to each other because, quite frankly, our fundamental ideals and beliefs are not the same. When this happens in a marriage, it’s generally a sign that the marriage is over. When it happens in a country, it’s a sure sign of civil breakdown if not civil war. I wish I were wrong, and I sure would love to be wrong, but the evidence seems overwhelming. Study the years leading up to America’s Civil War, and you’ll find parallels in today’s America. Back then, the issues were different, but the psychological atmosphere is the same. Each side is done listening to the other, because each side quite frankly recognizes it has irreconcilable differences with the other. Liberty versus socialism? There’s no reconciling the two.

Hillary Clinton is going to save us from all this? Get real, Hillary supporters. You’ve got major problems on your hands when and if your candidate wins. And, to make it even more real: Hillary Clinton is no Abraham Lincoln.

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