Obama IS Terrorism’s MVP…Trump is Not Wrong

I have noticed a trend when it comes to attacking Donald Trump. It’s the substitution of outrage for argument or persuasion.

For example, Trump recently came under fire for saying Barack Obama is ISIS’ Most Valuable Player (MVP).

The immediate response, from establishment Republicans as much as progressive Democrats, is simply outrage. “Well, how dare he say that!” They take it as self-evident that no response is even required. Trump said it, it offends them, and that’s the end of it. Dump Trump!

But what’s wrong with what Donald Trump said in this instance? Obama is the most valuable player ISIS has. Obama apologizes for America, insists Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, and guts the military, both morale-wise and fiscally. Don’t these things help ISIS, whether or not that’s Obama’s deliberate intention?

Instead of pointing out what they view as logical or factual errors in Trump’s assertion, his opponents (Republican and Democrat alike) substitute outrage for logic and facts.

It’s an argument from emotion and, ultimately, the goal is intimidation. “Well, you don’t have that position, do you? You certainly don’t agree with Donald Trump, do you?!” The implication is something must be wrong with you for agreeing with a perfectly plausible position, when the facts are examined.

Whatever you think of Obama, you cannot deny that militant Islam has flourished and grown under his watch. If the current state of affairs does not bother you, then I must be the one to ask you what’s wrong with you. If, after eight years of a Republican presidency, we saw an escalation in terrorist shootings, a total destabilization of the Middle East in favor of Islamist radicalism, and terrorism arriving at the office parties, gay bars and other private events/settings of ordinary Americans (not to mention Europeans), then that Republican president’s policies would be roundly denounced. When it’s Obama’s policies at stake … Don’t you dare.

The burden of proof should be on Obama, and his supporters, to explain exactly how and why he has NOT been the MVP for ISIS and all other Islamic-inspired brutality. I’m waiting for a defense. And calling me a racist, nationalist or any other names will not suffice. Whether I’m any of those things or not, we all know there will be another brutal Islamic attack on civilization in another day, week or month. You have to prove that more of Obama’s foreign and defense policies will make us safer, even as these attacks become routine. And if all you’ve got is emotion, outrage and name-calling, then you’ve revealed your own lack of security and intellect with regard to your own positions.

It’s so ironic. Donald Trump is called an arrogant, intimidating jerk for taking the positions he does. Granted, his style is not always the greatest. But Trump’s intolerant, perpetually outraged opponents fit the label of arrogant far more consistently, and substantially, than Donald Trump ever could .. even on his worst day.

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