Recount? Careful What You Wish For, Hill

A recount will soon be underway in swing states won by Donald Trump, states that Hillary Clinton supporters (including her competitor Jill Stein) feel that Hillary Clinton should have won.

A lot of people ask what’s motivating this effort, an effort ultimately approved of by the remains of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Is it billionaire Democratic hack George Soros? Is it Hillary Clinton pulling the strings from Day One of her election loss? Or is it simply grieving voters and campaign workers in a prolonged state of denial, desperate for any solution at all?

Any or all of these explanations could be valid, and probably are. But we also have a theory based on the known facts. Fact: The Democratic Party is the party of professional government. Yes, there are plenty of career politicians in the Republican Party too, but they merely follow the Democratic brand. Theory based on this fact: The people who support the party of activist government cannot bear the thought of someone they perceive as against activist government, even a little bit, being in the Oval Office. Like heroin addicts craving their fix, government-addicts from Hillary Clinton on down literally cannot breathe or survive without government power. Without politics, their lives have no meaning. They’re professional busybodies, seeking to rule over others as a substitute for authentic, reality-based self-esteem or achievement. For Hillary Clinton in particular, the presidency was the ultimate goal of everything. Not because it was the office once held by brilliant souls like Washington, Jefferson or Madison; not because she wished to expand on their legacy of liberty, individual rights and a limited federal government; but because of her personal quest for power over others.

Having said all this, advocates of a successful election recount that will reverse the presidential election results had better be careful of what they wish for.

Imagine what it will look like if they succeed (which may or may not even be possible, given the numbers.) We wake up one morning and Hillary Clinton is now the president-elect, according to their fantasy. Every argument they’re making right now will be made in reverse from the Donald Trump side. It will create a truly Constitutional crisis, the kind feared when President Richard Nixon ultimately left office peacefully back in 1974. This will be the real deal. Many of Donald Trump’s supporters are armed. Everyone knows part of the whole point of a Hillary Clinton presidency would be to ensure that peaceful citizens cannot own guns, certainly not to stand up to a tyrannical government. One has to wonder how the military would look at all this. Donald Trump will certainly contest any 10,000 or 20,000 vote reversals handed out by an election board in Michigan, Wisconsin or Pennsylvania. It’s an uphill climb more than the numbers. Hillary Clinton would walk into the Oval Office with less credibility and legitimate authority than even Donald Trump’s most fervent opponents claim about him now. America will verge on the political equivalent of actual civil war.

What would Hillary Clinton reversing the election results look like? Do Hillary and her supporters actually believe Trump and his supporters (or even those who don’t love him so much) will take this lying down? If the Constitution only counts when a leftist progressive wants to uphold something, but not when anyone else wants to uphold anything, then what kind of reaction do people like Jill Stein think will arise from the 50-51 percent of the nation — millions and millions of citizens — who won’t take this?

However, from the point-of-view of an addict, none of it matters. An addict wants what she wants, come hell or high water. All the focus is on the fix, on the moment, and the achievement of one’s ends without any rational consideration whatsoever, even a self-interested one. If you ever had any doubts about how much Hillary Clinton really does not care about the American Constitution or the remnants of liberty ideals keeping it afloat, her willingness to sign on for this recount — a total reversal of her position just a month ago — should tell you all you need to know.

It’s really sad that America has come to this. However, it never would have been the case had Americans stuck to the Constitutionally limited role of the federal government we were obliged to maintain. Hillary Clinton and her power-addicted, government-addicted fellows would not matter in a civilization where most people led real, non-political lives and only cared about government insofar as a force to respect the rights of the individual to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Perhaps this election recount will not get anywhere. But you underestimate it at your peril, by failing to understand the unrelenting and mindless drive of an unreformed addict.

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