Tax Cuts for the Rich? Let’s Hope So!

Will President Trump and the Republican Congress cut taxes on the rich? Let’s hope they do … the more massive the cuts, the better. Of course, uninformed people find this shocking. But think about it. Money in the hands of people who know how to spend it is infinitely better than money in the hands of people who merely take it.

What will the rich spend their money on? Things they enjoy. Things that please them. And, due to the nature of what many of them do, on investments in new business enterprises. Many of which create jobs and careers for the not-quite-so-rich.

Yachts, golfing, clothing, private jets, jewelry, expensive food, and construction of big houses all require effort and productivity. And the majority of these activities generate and maintain jobs and wealth for others, creating jobs, growing the economy, expanding innovation and moving America toward real economic growth rather than the stagnation we’ve had for over a decade.

Bottom line: Money does not belong to the politicians who seize it. It belongs to those from whom the money was seized. It’s morally wrong for government to take money from people in the first place, and it’s morally right for government to give it back. On its worst day, the private sector will do a hundred times better spending this money than the public sector could on its best day. America is $20 trillion in debt. It’s beyond disgraceful and it’s downright disgusting. No legitimate business could ever survive that. And the reason is simple: Seizing and spending other people’s money is not moral or economically sound. Most of our politicians are liars, and those who make a profession out of appropriating and spending other people’s money will not, by definition, be the most decent or honest people. What did we expect?

Of course there’s no guarantee that people spending their own money will always do so in an economically sound or wise way. But you can be sure of one thing: Politicians who never earned it and never should have had it, will NEVER spend that money wisely. Why do you think the government is so bankrupt, fiscally and morally?

So let’s return as much money as we possibly can to billionaires and millionaires as well as anyone of more modest means. Quite honestly, we should privatize Social Security and Medicare. The younger and middle-aged people will never see the money they currently spend on those programs anyway. Those programs will privatize themselves by the time today’s 20-somethings or 30-somethings reach their 60s and 70s. How do we know that? Because government can’t possibly spend more on these programs than it takes in and expect these programs to go on forever. Sure, government can pass laws saying people are entitled to these programs. But it doesn’t mean they will exist when the capacity to produce is finally overtaken by the unlimited capacity of government to squander other people’s increasingly nonexistent money.

Why Donald Trump wanted the job of President is the real question. America is more of a mess than Trump ever claimed. To make America great again, we have to get the government out of just about everything it’s currently involved in. That includes the seizing and spending of other people’s money. Tax cuts are definitely the way to go, so long as we cut spending by at least an equal amount.

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