Repeal Obamacare and Do NOT Replace It!

Everyone, including Donald Trump, wants to preserve coverage for pre-existing conditions and allowing children to stay on their parents’ health insurance until age 26.

If anything, these provisions drive up the cost of health insurance more than any other aspect of Obamacare. If you’re against Obamacare because it has made health insurance so expensive, you should want to get rid of those provisions.

Think about what health insurance is. Health insurance — in a free market, at least — is a voluntary acceptance of risk. People willingly sign up for health insurance on the bet that sooner or later they’ll get sick, and will need to cash in the benefits. Insurers make their profit by getting enough people to sign up while hoping that fewer people get sick than the number of benefits that must be paid out.

It’s a complex and risky business, for both sides. If health care were a completely free market, it’s anybody’s guess as to whether health insurance, as we know it, would even exist. Most likely, in a free market health insurance would be profitable to sell as a basis for catastrophic coverage, particularly for the elderly.

But one thing is certain. If government steps in and says, “Private insurance companies must cover everyone, regardless of the circumstances,” then that’s the moment health insurance is no longer a free market. At that point, the government now sets the terms and conditions in a very significant way, not so different from the control government exerts under a more obviously socialistic, Communistic command-and-control system.

Telling health insurance companies to cover people even if they’re already ill would be like telling life insurance companies they must cover people who are three months away from dying. Or telling auto insurance companies they must cover people who had three car accidents for which they’ve been blamed in the last two years.

It’s all done in the name of “fairness.” But how fair is it to the people who’ve been paying premiums for years, that they must now take the premium hit because the government told them everyone must now be covered? Why do you think Obamacare has caused the cost of health insurance to skyrocket in the first place?

Obamacare should be totally deleted. Its worst and most expensive provisions should not be left intact. It should be replaced with a completely free, unregulated marketplace, not just for health insurance but for all things medical. Otherwise, we’ll stay in the same mess we’re currently stuck in, for decades to come.


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