Leftist Fascism Unleashed

Are we all entitled to our opinions?

Not really. In the political, First Amendment sense, of course we’re entitled to our opinions. But not in the intellectual or psychological sense. And here’s why.

Reality is objective. Facts are facts. Some things are obvious, and some things are less so. Many things are debatable, and even confusing. But none of this changes the fact that reality is objective and facts are facts.

For years, the dominant attitude in our culture (taught by public schools) has been, “What’s true for you and what’s true for me are not necessarily the same.”

While it’s true that you and I might have different perspectives, it does not automatically mean that we are both right. One plus one still equals two, and if you insist it’s three — well, you’re wrong.

It seems loving, kind and sensitive to insist that everyone can be right. But look at what happens when we do. Look at the reactions following the recent presidential election. The anti-Trump people are, in some cases, threatening murder on live television. They claim that people who voted for Trump should, at a minimum, be shamed, punished or even killed. People will have to die for this, they’re saying. If you don’t believe me, watch the video on CNN here.

These are the same people who have always claimed, and will continue to claim, that “diversity, tolerance and sensitivity” are the things that matter most. But we’re seeing that the advocates of diversity, tolerance and egalitarianism are some of the least tolerant and most insensitive people ever. Why is this?

It’s because they lost their reason, at least in the realm of politics. On the one hand, they insist we all must love each other. On the other hand, they insist that if you don’t agree with or promote the policies they consider essential — such as socialized medicine, redistribution of wealth, never questioning Islam, regulating the environment, diminishing the Second Amendment, controlling free speech in elections via the FEC and IRS — then this means you’re wrong. How do they prove you’re wrong? They can’t, because they’ve lost their reason. They lost it when they concluded reality is subjective.

Liberal leftist progressives are the people who proclaim the loudest that there is no reality, no objective truth. And that we all must respect our different realities and perspectives. What does this leave them with, in place of argumentation, persuasion and reason? Shouts, screams, insults, pouts, tears, threats — and in the extreme case, death threats.

So it’s no accident that the people who are the loudest for sensitivity, universal brotherhood and tolerance are, right now, the most hateful and intolerant people we’ve seen in a very long time. They claim Donald Trump is a fascist. But by reacting the way most of them are to Hillary Clinton’s loss, they’re proving what I claimed all along: that if Hillary Clinton had won and gained control of the whole government, they would have imposed their views on the rest of us in a manner where democracy, individual rights, and sensitivity toward others were the very last things on their minds. Just like during Obama’s terms.

Donald Trump’s election may have unleashed some hatred on the world. But I don’t see the hatred coming from his supporters. I never heard Trump supporters wanting to kill or shame people who thought the opposite. I heard strong opinions coming from them, but not death threats.

The real fascism emanating from people are the leftists who lost. It’s called liberal fascism, and it’s not a pretty thing to watch.

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