The #1 Reason Hillary Clinton Cannot Be President

The #1 reason Hillary Clinton cannot be president consists of a single word: Sociopath.

The word is defined as “antisocial personality disorder,” meaning that the sociopath lacks a conscience. In his classic book, Inside the Criminal Mind, criminologist and psychologist Dr. Stanton Samenow describes the sociopath as one who feels entitled to material and emotional gain without the effort and struggles endured by others who strive for that gain. That criminal personality feels that he or she is special and different, and is therefore entitled to rape, cheat, lie, steal or kill in order to achieve what he or she wants.

The evidence for Hillary Clinton’s evasions, falsifications, and machinations – all fueled by a sense of unearned superiority and entitlement – is overwhelming. A prime example: Just the other day she claimed she was in New York City on 9/11 when the evidence clearly showed she was not. We know she created a separate computer server while Secretary of State, in clear violation of the law as well as common sense, and we know the only possible explanation for her having done so: To hide her law-breaking, pay-to-play activity with the Clinton Foundation. The FBI must at least make itself appear to investigate, even though the Attorney General (the FBI’s boss) is so obviously in the pocket of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

These transgressions alone would have made great sociopathic and criminal case studies for Dr. Samenow’s book.

If Hillary Clinton wins, listen closely to what she says: She’ll blather on about the fact she’s the first woman president, and she’ll vow to continue the “stunning” record of Barack Obama’s policies, and all the rest. But don’t project the gratification of an honest person on to what she says. Try for a moment to think like a criminal. Criminals have a certain way of thinking; their purpose in life is to get one over on people. They often want money, but at the core they want power. They do what they do so they can feel an unearned sense of power. Sociopaths gain that sense of power not by achieving or accomplishing something real, but by sacrificing other people to get them to do things they don’t want to do. Think hostage taker, rapist or murderer. Hillary Clinton may not necessarily be any of these particular things, but her entire career demonstrates a rabid lust for power, fueled by a consistent and unwavering desire to claw her way to the top, no matter who or what she sacrifices in the process.

And she has managed to fool a lot of people. The Never-Trumpers insist Donald Trump is as bad or worse. As they decry him, I wait for hard evidence or proof, but none emerges. Nothing in Trump’s career or history suggests he’s anything like the sociopath Hillary Clinton is. I don’t know of any Never-Trumper who has read even one of his books. Whatever his flaws, errors or idiosyncrasies, Trump developed a billion dollar business, took the hits when he failed and reaped the rewards when he succeeded. He’s not right about everything, but he shows the capacity to think, learn and adapt. And his experiences in the business world reinforce that fact. Sociopathic Hillary Clinton, in contrast, will not change her mind about anything, not unless it somehow advances or strengthens her quest for power. And she does it all on other people’s money.

I fail to see how voting for Hillary Clinton or, just as bad, letting her win by voting third party or abstaining, accomplishes anything for the cause of liberty and individual rights. In fact, Hillary Clinton’s election to the presidency will quite possibly finish off those virtues in government once and for all. Democrats will realize they have something close to a lock on the White House, and they will take all kinds of steps, via executive order, unaccountable federal agencies like the IRS, and underhanded deals, to ensure this continues. The rigging has only begun. The legacy of the Islamo-Marxist Obama will continue unabated.

In many ways, Donald Trump is an unknown and a risk, in large part because he is not a politician. That’s part of his virtue, because the Imperial City of Washington DC is now so corrupt it actually needs someone outside their little “club” to hold politicians at least somewhat accountable. The chronically worried look on Paul Ryan’s face is a good thing, not to mention the petulant foot-stomping rage of the Democrats at the prospect of a Trump presidency. There’s nothing Donald Trump might do that could be any worse than the sorts of things we can be certain Hillary Clinton will absolutely do, should she acquire her lifetime lust this Tuesday. And this is the choice we have. Either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be president starting next year. Nobody else will be. Don’t ignore that fact. It’s going to happen whether or not you want to think about it.

Bottom line: If Hillary Clinton wins, she will know that she got away with it. She will be more empowered and feel bolder than ever in her life. With all that follows, just remember that, especially if you directly voted for her or indirectly voted for her by abstaining or voting for someone other than Donald Trump.

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